NBA Draft Prospect: Amir Hinton

22 years old + 6’5″ + 190 lbs + CIAA Player of the Year

With all the hype around Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Colby White, and others, It is easy to overlook a lot of talent coming into the draft. One of my favorite players from throughout this past season is Shaw University’s guard, Amir Hinton.

It is easy to overlook this kid due to the fact that Hinton plays for a Division II School.

But the talent and skill that this kid displays on a nightly basis for his team is undeniable.

It seems as if he had a slow start to his college career due to his academics, but when Hinton transferred to Shaw from his junior program, he put the world on notice. According to NBA Daily, Hinton has the potential to be the “real deal” and has an opportunity to become a superstar.

Amir led the NCAA Division II in scoring for the 2018-2019 Season. —

Averaging 29.4 points per game, surpassing his average 23 points per game a season ago at Lock Haven.

The 6’5″ guard shows explosiveness and smart decision making every time he steps out on the court. Hinton also displays a nice mid-range game and does not hesitate to step out and take the 3.

After the NBA Draft Lottery, many bigger names began circulating in the news.

Surprisingly, Amir Hinton is not on many elite draft agency’s lists to joining an NBA franchise next season.

The difficulties of getting into the NBA as a Division II player can be insurmountable. Sam Vecenie, a sports commentator with the Atlantic is a prime example of the criticism Hinton will face.

If he is selected to the draft, Amir Hinton will be the first Division II player selected at the draft since Robert Whaley from Walsh University in 2005 went No. 51 overall to the Utah Jazz.

Amir has had to work twice as hard. He did not play during the Draft Combine, unfortunately. But, he has been invited to workouts with the Kings and Pacers.

He may not be on the list now, but there is a chance that there is an NBA executive that is keeping their eyes on the young prospect.

Hinton seems like a very humble kid who just wants to play the game that he loves. No one can question his talent and effort. He torches defenders with his sweet jump shot and explosive finishes at the rim.

Let’s hope that the world continues to keep an eye on this young man as he develop from college to the professionals. Whoever drafts Hinton in this year, they won’t regret their pick.

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I most certainly did not know about Amir Hinton before now. I am not as much of a fan or believer BUT I love learning about new talent. And this draft seems talent-loaded. Anyone with a draft pick in the top 15, looks to have an opportunity at some young and affordable athleticism going into the 2019-2020 season.
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