Golden State Warriors – Is This the End of an Era?

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After losing in a tough 6 game series in the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors, the situation that the Golden State Warriors are in is uncertain. With their top-notch talent – Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Demarcus Cousins – approaching free agency, questions abound.

Will Golden State’s president of operations, Bob Myers, be able to keep the core together? Or will it all fade away when July rolls around?

The biggest challenge that Myers faces is the free agency storm cloud that has surrounded the organization all season.

Golden State Free Agency Problems
Kevin Durant – Free Agent

From dodging interview questions about free agency to getting into a timeout confrontation with Draymond Green against the Clippers, Durant had been involved in the free agency drama firsthand. Fans and media members have been anticipating where he will play by next season.

And many NBA insiders, such as Stephen A. Smith, anticipate Durant to leave Golden State this summer and head to New York City to play under the flashing lights of Madison Square Garden.

Klay Thompson – Free agent

Thompson has been the opposite of Durant, commanding little attention and drama surrounding his impending free agency. Most fans and media agree that he is tied to the organization and anticipate his negotiating a re-sign. He went on record saying “you want to stay on the train as long as you can,” confirming rumors he planned to continue his career in Oakland as a part of the Warriors dynasty.

If Durant and Thompson do decide to re-sign with the Warriors, then both players can receive a max contract that would offer 5 more years to play for the franchise. And Thompson is an unrestricted free agent, meaning that he could demand top dollar to stay. Durant has a player option; he just signed a 2 year deal of $61.5 million.

Besides the free agency drama, the question is –

If both guys decide to re-sign, how will the Warriors continue their quest without their two most important pieces?

Golden State Injuries

That’s right. Oakland’s organization must still contend with injuries in the 2019-2020 season.

With Durant tearing his achilles and Thompson tearing his ACL, there is a big chance that we will not see the two superstars for the 2019-2020 season. Regardless of what team they suit up for. There is no doubt that Steph Curry will have to carry the load offensively for the team, but what adjustments will Steve Kerr make for next season?

The Warriors have a couple of scenarios to explore during the offseason.

Golden State Offseason moves

If Durant decides to leave this summer and Klay stays with Golden State, that gives them max space to acquire another superstar; or to even acquire key role players who can contribute to the team on a nightly basis. The Warriors have enough firepower to continue to be a top-notch team even without Durant.

But everyone knows that with KD on the team they’re unbeatable.

Golden State and the bench

It will be interesting to see how the Warriors decide to develop their young core as well. The Dubs get huge contributions from Quinn Cook, Alfonzo Mckinnie, Jordan Bell, and others. It has probably been overwhelming to play with such high caliber players at such a young age and gives them the opportunity to learn new things going forward. But will they remain with the 3-time NBA Champs or seek other organizations?

Jordan Bell was asked by the media how veteran Steph Curry has influenced him while he is going through his journey in the NBA. He stated that Curry taught him how professional ball players carry themselves. “[Curry] is definitely a guy you try to mimic as a basketball player,” Bell said during the interview. “He’s always helping me out and definitely a guy to look up to on the basketball court”.

Golden State 2019 Draft Class
  • 28th Overall Pick took Jordan Poole
  • Acquired 41st Overall Pick from the Atlanta Hawks for a Future Second-Round Pick, Cash Considerations, and Eric Paschall
  • Draft Night Trade with New Orleans Pelicans to acquire Alen ‘Smiley’ Smailagic

“I expect that they’ll be good people, work hard, and make us look good, I hope they work hard, I hope they’re humble, I hope they fit into our culture… I hope they help us win some basketball games.”

Bob Meyers
Conclusion: Don’t Count Golden State Out Just Yet

Trade rumors surrounding the talented core of the team, injuries to their best players and Anthony Davis even closer in Los Angeles with Lebron – Golden State is facing an onslaught of challenges.

But being a 3x Western Champion and getting to compete in consecutive NBA Finals means something to the NBA. You should never question the heart of a champion. And the Warriors are exactly that. They have always been able to rise to the occasion when it matters most.

Although this team will face even more challenges next year without their two stars, expect them to overcome each obstacle and still be a top-notch team in the West. They may not showcase the same style of play without two of their top guns, but we should never count out the Golden State Warriors as far as being a championship contender.


Bob Myers butt is to the fire. So with July rolling in, it will be interesting to see what can pull off as he continues to build an Oakland dynasty.

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Written By Nick Andre with Herstun.

I think that Golden State will continue to be a powerhouse on the West Coast. Especially if Kevin Durant leaves for the Eastern Conference. It looks they will continue to face tough competition during the season, which makes them a battle-tested playoff team.
My prediction is that they may come into the playoffs at a lower seed next year, but Klay will be back for the playoffs 2020. And with Klay on the court, possibly hitting a stride, they are STILL a competitive team. They will beat you. Period.
So I agree with Nick’s assessment. Don’t sleep on the Warriors. They may not be the 2019 Champions but they are an elite program in the NBA for the foreseeable future. So we will see what happens at that talented core (Draymond, Iguodala, Curry, and Klay) and with some of the newer additions like Demarcus Cousins and Jordan Poole.
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