Ten Toes Down By Flow the DJ Feat Khari Rahim

Ten toes down.

I woke up

Early in the morning

Wiped the crust from my eyes

Ten Toes - https://www.kharirahim.com

Still hungover from the night before

I hope my demise

Ten Toes - https://www.kharirahim.com

Don’t come at the bottom of a bottle of Hennessy or Hypnotic

Liquor, music, & women got me hypnotized

Every other week

It seem like the same sh*t

Ten Toes - On the Nose -https://www.kharirahim.com

All we ever do

Is Party & Bulls*t

Last night I met a woman

She was calling me handsome

Seemed like the type to steal your heart

Then hold it for ransom

Feel like all she really want is dough

She a gold digger?

Ten Toes - Stylin and Profilin - https://www.kharirahim.com

Then warn a bro

Mama raised him smarter

From a distance

Papa helped him grow Into a better man

Ten Toes - Lounging in Defiance - https://www.kharirahim.com

Thank God he never ran

From his duty as a Father

Ten Toes Down

Like A Man

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Credits & Wildenotes

Music Written & Produced By Flow the DJ.

Flow is with us every single Friday that I can get him here. Usually, when he doesn’t make it, it is my fault. The song is the best part of the piece outside of the art and I hope that you click the soundcloud above and give it a listen. #Wild

Visual Art by Khari Rahim.

Artist Self-Portrait
Khari is a young American artist living and working in Clarksville, Tennessee but he was born and raised in Milwaukee. HIs grandfather and peers introduced him to art.
Growing up, he participated in many community arts programs. Khari’s ultimate goal of starting an organization that specializes in creating murals in low-income environments to promote community health, pride, and clean neighborhoods.
He graduated Austin Peay University in May and specializes in artwork centered around identity. Khari attempts to explore the lens of blackness through the boundaries imposed by on it. By breaking this container of sorts, he hopes to show people limitlessness.
I chose his work because his observation of black masculinity is as complex as Flow the DJ’s verses on it in this song.


#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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Flow is a rapper raised in Decatur, GA. He started writing music at the age of 13, recording his 1st song in East Orange, NJ where he would visit for the Summer. He took a brief hiatus from writing music to DJ in college but quickly got back to his roots...

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