Everyone Loves Jeremiah By Nessla1 and Herstun Feat Patrick Dougher

Everyone loves Jeremiah… 

Everyone Loves - Art by Patrick Dougher

He’s so innocent and pureFriendly.

And different.

Depending on what you see.  
Everyone Loves - Art by Patrick Dougher

Just know that, everyone loves Jeremiah.

Maybe his purity is designed to teach us humility

His character is judgement free.

Everyone Loves - Art by Patrick Dougher

How could you not love Jeremiah?

I would give anything to see the world through his eyes. 

Experience his vision. 

And occupy his soul. He is different than me. And maybe you. 

Everyone Loves - Art by Patrick Dougher

Clark Kent was different too. 

And everyone loves Jeremiah.

His routines keep him grounded and humming along. 

When he is out of sync, that is when things can go wrong. 

But learning him and watching his beautiful mind…

 Art by Patrick Dougher

It is clear that he operates at a capacity beyond yours and mine.

His brain and heart work a unified magic

Creating a spirit that is capable of trusting and loving blind.

There are no restrictions to his capability to embrace you or me. 

Art by Patrick Dougher

Everyone loves Jeremiah.

They say his powers are the result of a ‘disability’. 


But what do I see behind those bright eyes? 

An extraordinary ability to analyze.

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

An inhuman ability to break things down and see through them. 

False perceptions don’t move him.

How can you not love Jeremiah?

His beliefs stand strong like a tree. 

He won’t back down from you or me. 

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

My son will stand his ground. 

I am so proud of his courage but my pride is shaded by leaves of apprehensiveness.

My Jeremiah does not understand, the society in which his roots bend. 

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

Everyone loves Jeremiah.

Until they don’t.

After all, he is just another black boy.

A confused black boy.

When I give him direction, I can see the bewilderment in his eyes.

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

When the cops give him direction, will they see it too? 

What will they do when they give him an order and he doesn’t comply?

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

He’s not defiant, he just doesn’t understand.

They would love Jeremiah. 

If they gave him a chance. 
Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

How do I teach him not to love everyone unconditionally?

And, how do I protect my superman from the kryptonite creeping through the streets in the form of fear and misunderstanding? 

How do I prepare him for the ugliness in the world, when his superpower is only seeing beauty??

Socially-challenged. Spectrum. Disorder. 

Everyone Loves - Art By Patrick Dougher

None of these words will save my son from the guns aiming at his shadows.

I knew his name before I knew his superpower.

Jeremiah. (And everyone loves him, you know?)

The Biblical Prophet of Judgement and Hope sent out to Restore Peace and Faith in God.  

My son was born with the power to impact every person he encounters.

He is destined to change perceptions, challenge realities, and create new mentalities


Everyone loves Jeremiah. 

He is what love is intended to be. 

His super power?

Repetitive sequences of love unconditionally. 

Depending on what you see.
Everyone Loves Jeremiah
Dedicated to Nessla1’s Jeremiah.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

curated by w.d. herstun


Written By Nessla1 and Herstun.

Feat Visual Artist – Patrick Dougher

I needed this today. This is some of my favorite work. The poem is so heartfelt. I can feel Nessla’s heart beating faster as she ponders her son’s future. She is willing to be vulnerable and that is something special. And the poem is a perfect display for the diversity of visual artist, Patrick Dougher.
Dougher is absolutely one of my favorite artists in America.
We have to honor living legends.

Instagram + GodBodyArt.com

I always watch his page for information on new releases, series, techniques or any impending galleries. I hope the brother travels to the ATL soon with some art in tow.
Make sure you check him out and support him. Click any picture in the post to go to his page or click this link!


This poem is amazing. What does it mean to have a black boy that is socially different? So many black people’s lives depend on their ability to articulate. The ability to articulate under extreme duress. As a working mom with other children in the home, how you provide the protection for him that you fear he may need all too soon? How many people look at Jeremiah and misconstrue his gaze for a threat? All I see is a child, but I know my eyes are not the only looking. It is crazy how hard it can be to parent children. Everyone loves Jeremiah. I am sure I would too.
I enjoy collaborating with Nessla1. Poetry as a duo is always fun. Its something I did with my friends in high school all the time. I commend her for her willingness to bare her soul and I enjoy the freedom she gives me to re-arrange her words and take liberties with her rhymes. It’s a blessing to work with such a talented writer.
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