Her. Tempting. By Flow Feat Delmaine Donson Art

Her: Just be mine, won’t you?

Her Tempting - Delmaine Donson Art

Him: I can’t and I’d hate to have to tell my lady bye-bye

so I’m sitting in my car, mellow, puffing on Lala like

Him. Tempted. Flow the DJ.

I’m feeling you, you feeling me

Got a lady back at home, your situations the same

Her Tempting - Delmaine Donson Art

But you just can’t doubt the chemistry

How could something so wrong, feel so right?

Got me going insane

Your tender vibe is tempting me

Her. Tempting. Delmaine Donson Art

Got me infatuated, a fatal drug as potent as fame

Just conceal the game and maintain your lane

Or my girl gon’ come and turn this into House of Pain

Just conceal the game and maintain your lane

Or my girl gon’ come and turn this into House of Pain

Had to say it twice so that you understand

Still I remember like yesterday

The day that I met you

Sweet & thick like caramel

You was with your crew

Intoxicated by your smile

Her. Tempting. - Delmaine Donson Art

From across the room

We were vibing for a while

Her Tempting - Delmaine Dodson Art

Not thinking bout my boo

Girl you give me that feeling

I need a fix

The only cure is sexual healing

Play some Marvin Gaye

And keep them six-inch heels on

I can really feel the Vibe

We in Love for the night

So put your number in my cell

I’ll text the hotel

Penthouse suite that I’m in

Say whaaaaat?

But if my girl finds out about you…

Well Ima just have to pretend

To not know you

Because I’d rather play you than see her sad and blue

Don’t disrespect the game

Please follow the rules

Her Tempting - Delmaine Donson Art
curated by w.d. herstun


Written By Flow the DJ. Edited By Herstun.

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Visual Artist Featured Delmaine Donson Art

Delmaine is based in Capetown, South Africa. And his artwork is dedicated to the beauty of women, particularly women of color. He has a love for melanin and afros that makes me blush! He has had the pleasure of illustrating for some well-known brands, creates personalized artwork for clients including children’s books, music covers, and more. I am very impressed with the variety of women he paints. You can tell that he finds something truly beautiful about them all. I love that.
Delmaine has amazingly affordable prints available of all the artwork featured above. Click any picture for more details Or click here.

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Bringing together the combination of flow the DJ and Delmaine on this piece is an odd ode to women. But the art is so beautiful it is hard not to love the women that are part of this entangled relationship. I think that is my ultimate point. Just because these women or men maybe unfaithful, or the victims of unfaithfulness, it doesn’t shake their beauty. They are still human. They aren’t broken or dismembered pieces of society. It is interesting to study the romantic relationships of humans as we have evolved over time. But that is another post for another time.
This song reminds me of a lot of men. That is probably because the infidelities of men have been broadcast for us all via social media, entertainment, music, and every other forum available. I think that it has an unfortunate effect on men that are faithful. We subconsciously believe that men being faithful in a monogamous relationship is a huge accomplishment. Well, the nature of monogamy is faithfulness. The bigger accomplishments are the way you treat your partner and whatever you all building. It allows men a certain level of complacency and facilitates an imbalance. Women that are willing to look the other way are more likely to marry men with greater means. The greater the means, the harder her head is stuck the other way.
But that is an outsider opinion. And shaded by my own experiences and the mixture of my cultures. I wonder how other people experience infidelity. Is it something equally shared between men and women? Do the same number of women cheat? The woman in this song apparently has something at home too. Is it human nature to be unfaithful? Are we going against our true selves in monogamous relationships? Paving the way for the type of pain this song would cause the wife or husband at home? What if they never know? Is there harm? Interesting questions posed by a dope song.The entire scenario… #Wilde
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