to whom it may concern by shesreelateable ft. aria del sole

to whom it may concern,

you are worthy

To Whom It May Concern - Aria del Sole Art

even when this world isn’t worth you.

you are brilliant,

even when you make asinine decisions.

to whom it may concern,

your worth isn’t determined by who wants to be a part of your life.

your decisions are just that, YOURS!

To Whom It May Concern - Aria del Sole Art

and your worth is determined by YOU!

to whom it may concern,

don’t worry about how They view you,

as long as they respect you you’re already halfway there.

do something every day that makes you genuinely smile.

To Whom It May Concern - Aria del Sole Art

to whom it may concern,

life is short,

pleasure is temporary,

To Whom It May Concern - Aria del Sole Art

love yourself more today than you ever have before.

real love is eternal.

to whom it may concern,

prayer is a great way to hear your savior speak.

To Whom It May Concern - Aria del Sole Art

meditation is a great way to hear your soul speak.

to whom it may concern,

i understand.

Some days are longer than others and some days I’m stronger than others. it’s a balance. I do know I am not alone and hope my ramblings jumpstarted a little hope and strength in at least one reader.


#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

Dedicated to wilde & Friends.
curated by w.d. herstun


Written By ShesREElateable. Edited By Herstun.

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Nadia is an illustratin’ mama out of Washington DC. She is a diverse illustrator as demonstrated in the poem above, she works with ink, watercolor and dabbles in the digital space too. She makes it super easy to support her by operating a dope Etsy site with a variety of items, from stickers to mugs and prints.
So make sure you check her out, favorite her items, or pick a few things up. And make sure you follow her on SM above!


This poem is dedicated to me. Ha. Facts. And I appreciate it. Growth and change are always proceeded by pain. In the aftermath of that, the salve is friendship. Friendship is love. Family is important and valuable but there is something about your friends choosing you that is so rewarding. I think the most important connection between any two people is friendship. And at times, our culture misrepresents the intimacy, realness, and work that authentic friendship requires. Connection is an emerging theme on the site. It is invaluable and underestimated. People appear to inherently want (and biologically need) to be connected.
I chose Aria del Sole because her artwork represents some of my favorite activities. Hanging out with my daughter, choosing books, cooking up magical spells, lol. Nadia’s work is consistently bright and encouraging, even when it’s in ink. I love it. Thanks for rocking with me again for another visual moment of visual poetry. If you have read this far you may as well know we are altering our schedule of publishing a bit. Slowing down, and focusing on quality. Hell, focusing on life. Things are amazing, challenging, defeating, and upliftining. and the Herstun Writer is still growing. #wilde.
Can’t get enough of ShesREElateable? Check out her introductory piece #ShesReeLateable

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