Alpha Lyrae. Squallé’s Grown Man EP. Feat. Kxng Blanco.

Alpha Lyrae means the brightest star. I love that the first word is alpha and it is associated with masculinity because that is what this album is about.

Alpha Lyrae

Squallé has laid out some of the things he deals with as a man. Maybe that is what all rap is about but particularly this album. He starts with his dreams, moves to his motivation, and follows up with his desires. Trickling throughout the album are Squallé’s fears, emotions, and turmoils. It is clear that his goal is to be one of the brightest stars shining but the question is how will he measure his glow?

Alpha Lyrae

I gave you guys a review of four tracks below and a sneak peek to a full track with analysis will drop tomorrow.

My only criticism of Squallé’s album is that it rides just like the music on the radio. While some tracks stood out for varying reasons, he didn’t really push the mold. He included his experiences as a part of the mold, which is valuable. I think it would have been dope to hear some different experiments with instruments or even with comedy throughout the album, anything to kind of set it apart from what we already hear consistently.

Bright side, this album rides just as hard as anything on the radio, IF NOT BETTER. That is nothing but straight-up talent and a nose for music. I am glad that Squallé continues to make his art.

Favorite track — Track 6 — Wanna Be Loved. But first, meet the entire album:

1. Alpha Lyrae ft Kayla SiMaya 

I understand why this is the title track. Squallé is giving you his thesis. He is closing his eyes and giving you his heart in this album. And doing it with the same fear that anyone who is exposing a piece of themselves does.

Lines that Stick — “Alpha Lyrae means the brightest star.”

Kayla SiMaya is a nice feminine, soft addition to the track. She makes it ethereal. I really do want to close my eyes and dream for a minute before I am awakened by the beat that can only be Track 2 – Transport.

2. Transport 

Transport is the track you turn up when you are pulling up to the event. The song you listen to first thing in the morning to get your energy up. It sounds great blasting through the stereo. I loved the beat. Other songs on this album were better lyrically though. This is the album’s club banger.

Line that Sticks — “Even when I be chilling these haters say I be doin too much.”

Click the IG video above to hear a snippet of Transport.

3. Late ft Kxng Blanco and LG HOTC

This is the adult track on the album. Squallé links with another Athens rapper, Kxng Blanco, to talk about exactly what goes down when they meet the right lady.

Line that Sticks — “I remember I was sliding in your DMs, now I feel like carpe diem.”

My favorite part of this track is the late, late, late. Lol. If I heard it on the radio I could see myself humming that part when it comes on. Click the IG video above for a snippet.

4. Fireworks 

5. Sext ft Bre the Baddie 

Another adult track, I love this one. The whole thing is a vibe. I love the beat and Squallé’s straightforward verses. Its clear what he wants and who can resist a man that knows what the f he wants. Ayyyyyyeeee. Snatch my soul then!

Line that Sticks — “I am trying to f you good take you to the moon… I wanna make you mine we can be in tune. Girl you got that cake… I’ll eat it with a spoon.”

6. Wanna Be Loved 

This is my favorite song on the album. He made this song cry. Yes I want to be loved and we will be talking about this track in-depth tomorrow on the Herstun FM Readio. It gave me all the feels and chills.

7. 3 Strikes ft Kxng Blanco 

Alpha Lyrae

Three Strikes will probably have mass appeal and it features Athens rapper, Blanco again. Click the IG video above to listen to a snippet.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

Alpha Lyrae
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Thanks for checking out our very first album exclusive. I was kind of nervous writing it because I do know Squallé. Which also means that the opinions are biased. Squallé is an amazing part of the hip-hop community in Athens, GA and I fell in love with his music when I returned to the university in his town for a semester.
Squallé never misses an opprotunity to perform. He was at open mics, school functions, library luncheons. And his message wasn’t always perfectly clean but it was always honest and his energy can hold a room in his power. And when it was time to be clean for the kids, he cleaned it right up and had them singing along too.
There is nothing more amazing than a man capable of speaking in his power so I can do nothing but continue to support Squallé on all his future endeavors. I hope that you all cop the album on 7/27, listen, and give me your thoughts on what I had to say. Most importantly, I am thankful for the opportunity to work with another amazing artist.

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