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Meet Amber and Shane! Prosserville. Episode 1.

August 5, 2019

Last month on July 5 the Herstun Writer got an introduction to Prosserville! Or a sneak peek if you will. Today is August 5 and the Prossers are back to tell you more about who they are as individuals, where they come from, and where they want to go.

Amber and Shane

So without further ado, meet Amber and Shane.


I grew up in Aurora, CO as part of a blended family. I spent most of my time living with my mom and stepdad. My dad and stepmom live in Chicago IL. Divorce has played a major toll on my upbringing and is something that I pray about. I work very intentionally to never have to put my children through what I went through.

Amber and Shane
Herstun called us an All-American family for good reason! We are from all over America. 🙂

However, things have worked out the way they should and our children get to experience the great love and support from 3 sets of grandparents located all over the country. 

Amber the Athlete

I  played sports since I can remember and that is pretty much all I loved to do. Soccer and basketball were my favorite. After high school, I earned a soccer scholarship to Georgia State University!

Amber and Shane

Moving from Aurora, CO to the heart of Atlanta, GA was definitely a culture shock to me. And I loved it! Atlanta was so different and diverse from where I grew up. I loved living in the city and not being the only black person in any room. My family always teases me because of how excited I was to be around more black folks, and black men AND somehow I ended up marrying a white man! LOL, go figure! 

Amber Meets Shane

Shane and I met at work. We were work friends for a long time and developed an awesome connection. Over time, one thing led to another. We started spending all of our time together. Next thing I knew, he asked me to marry him at Centennial Olympic Park in July of 2010. Four months later and we married in September of 2010!

Throughout our married life I have worked a few jobs but ultimately been a stay at home mom. Until recently, we both have become entrepreneurs and the beautiful mess has become oh so beautiful and messy. We are at a point in our busy lives where we are learning the best ways to balance it all. 

Amber the Health Coach

I am a health and transformation coach!

I am very passionate about my program and what I do because it has transformed my life, our family’s trajectory, and so many others. My program focuses on optimal health —

First, Healthy Body

And, Healthy Mind

Plus, Healthy Finances

The program is continuously blessing our family in all of those areas. my own personal results are why I am so passionate about being a health coach. After being an athlete at the collegiate level, it was hard to adjust to life out of the competitive sphere.

Being on the program, I lost 40 pounds in 4.5 months and have kept that and some more off for a year and a half now. Shane lost 30 pounds in 3 months and has kept his weight off too! Healthy bodies are an important part of the process.

The program also shifted our mindset regarding healthy habits, eating, exercise, personal development, and growth. Making us focus on the importance of healthy minds.

And the program helped our family be a part of a big business nationwide, and we are compensated nicely for it. We have paid off debt, loaded up our savings, and started dreaming again! Because having healthy finances is key to the program working.

Prosserville went from surviving to thriving and it feels good! We continue looking toward all the new growth and adventures we create as a family moving forward! 


I grew up in Austell, GA in a very large extended family. My mom only had 3 kids and I am the youngest. But my mom is one of nine siblings in her family and my dad is one of eight.

That means my family is over 150 members deep in the metro Atlanta/Cobb County area. With a family that entrenched in one area, it makes you feel obligated to stay around. 

More on that later!

Shane’s Upbringing

I was fortunate to grow up in Austell, GA because it was a very diverse community. My group of close friends growing up looked like a stock photo you would find when googling ‘diverse children’ – African-American, Hispanic, Vietnamese, Chinese and Caucasian kids in every photo. 

Not only were the people I grew up around from different cultures, but they were also from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Some kids were broke, and some had access to cash. All of this made my childhood what I consider multicultural. And that upbringing made me the man I am today.

This is why I am open-minded. I make every effort to love people for who they are rather than trying to make them fit in a box that makes me feel comfortable. Also, this is why I can appreciate other cultures, along with the traditions and norms that go along with them. 

Shane the Businessman


I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football from a young age. And, I played religiously until I became old enough to start working at 14. From the time I got my work permit for Chick-Fil-A, I began to focus less on sports and more on working.

From age 14 on I’ve had a long list of different jobs and businesses. I’ve had 15 jobs that I can name and started over 10 businesses (most failed 😊) – I’ll talk more about this in a later too.

Shane Meets Amber

I met Amber at work, we shared a few lunch Margaritas at Chipotle, and we’ve been best friends ever since. We spent about 8-9 months as the best of friends and then started dating and moved in together shortly after that.

Amber and Shane

So now we are married with 3 crazy kiddos. 

Outside of how beautiful, funny, sweet, and amazing Amber is, she has been a pivotal person in my life.

It’s not that I didn’t have support through my family and friends prior to Amber, it’s just I have never had someone so in my corner. Someone that truly wanted for me whatever I want for myself, even when I don’t know what that was.

Shane and Amber Serve the Country

When I was feeling very lost with my reality and needed a ticket out I decided to join the Army. Amber was the only one who supported me in that decision.

After 4 years in the Army, a lot of training and an all-expense-paid trip to Afghanistan, I got out of the military. I used my knowledge of IT and my Veteran status to land a job doing Mergers & Acquisitions. I did not have the background or qualifications to get this job. But, I learned quickly and did very well in it.

Shane the Entrepreneur & Health Coach

That job taught me a lot about the government contracting business and led me (in partnership with my older brother) to the opportunity of acquiring a staffing business. I now run that staffing business and have transformed it by adding IT services.

In addition to that, I help my wife in her health coaching business. So, we all try to play a role in keeping healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy finances priroties in Prosserville.

But doing all of the above while trying to be a family man, good husband, and a good father is tough. I hope to share some of my struggles and some of the processes I use to cope and excel.

Welcome to Prosserville.

Amber and Shane

Meet Amber & Shane

We are excited to join the Herstun Writer in the mission of bringing people together.

As you can see, we are from all over the country. We currently live in Virginia but love traveling and exposing our kids to new things.

We are a biracial family and love bringing people together and creating a more diverse world. Our goal is to provide you with content that is inspiring, interesting, relatable and actually useful.

And never forget Rylan, Zayden, and Taylor!

The plan is to be with you every month on the 5th! But we are all working family folks so bear with us if we have a holiday or two. And trust that we have a message to share with you. Maybe one day you will even meet the little ones rounding out the crew.

Cheers until next time!

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways


Written By Amber & Shane. Edited By Herstun.

Follow Amber and watch all her, Shane, and the kids’ antics in Prosserville over on Instagram and Facebook!

Make sure to contact Amber and/or Prosser Health to learn more about the amazing lifestyle transformations that she and Shane experienced!


I always enjoy the Prossers’ stories and pictures when they show up on my SM feed. Amber is always sharing positivity and Shane is pretty motivating himself. Part of it is watching people set and achieve goals. It’s my love language I think. Lol.
I am looking forward to the lessons on health and business that come from this family. I hope that they read this, smile and remember all the things that made them choose each other. Balancing faith, family, fun, fitness, and business is like walking the tightrope. Its another family asking the ever-elusive question — Can we have it all? Are women or men ever able to actaully achieve the fairtytale?
Can’t get enough? Check out Prosserville Pending, and enjoy our All-American spotlight of this family.

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