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25 Things Learned By 26

September 23, 2019
A bitch is getting old y’all.
Me. Ree. The elder bitch.

Next month I will become a brand new 26-year-old.

Here are 25 things I’ve learned since turning 25.

  1. Birthdays aren’t important between 22-29.
  2. It’s sometimes healthier to be demoted from a friend to associate.
  3. Fall is the detox season.
  4. Celebrate and cherish every errand ran without a baby on your hip.
  5. Wait for at least 1 business month after the mental breakdown before dying your hair.
  6. No matter how much shit needs to be done, you have time for a power nap.
  7. Binge the classics, explore mysticism, open your chakras.
  8. Even if you have to walk away from EVERYTHING, even worldly items, everything meant for you is yours.
  9. Never let another hood nigga play you.
  10. Travel as much as possible with or without company GO.
  11. Older men are worse than studs.
  12. Never date another Virgo.
  13. Don’t wait around to be happy, go out and snatch it!
  14. Confide in your friends more often, not everyone will use your pain against you.
  15. Reach out to those you haven’t spoken to in a while, never know who misses you too.
  16. No one can disappoint you more than yourself.
  17. Stop buying Bugg a spring wardrobe. 
  18. Never forget where you’re going.
  19. It’s okay to disappear.
  20. You haven’t settled this long, don’t start now.
  21. Stop stockpiling “friends”.
  22. Your least likely ally is usually your strongest ally.
  23. Chase the fantasy until its a dream; now it’s up to you to make it a reality.
  24. If you don’t say anything, they’ll never know.
  25. Celebrate you, by all means necessary.

Cheers to new lessons in the year 26!


#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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Written and Edited By ShesReeLateable


My favorites are 4 and 9. Number 4 is crucial. When I stayed at home with my daughter, it was rare to run an errand without her. Thanks to being back in my support net, I know that every grocery store visit alone counts. Lol. Number 9 implies that it is ok if you already got played in the past. At 25, it’s time to focus on the future.

Ree is technically a cusp baby. She is riding the very thin Libra line. I don’t trust cusp babies for very personal reasons not realted to Ree. Lmao.

And with that being said…

Happy 25th Birthday Ree. Party big homey. Because, you deserve it.

If you can’t get enough of ShesReeLateable please check out more of her work all over Herstun!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ree u are an amazing writer continue to Shine like the sun because no matter where u go it will always be some shade😘💖💪💪

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