Submerged. Hike Poem 1. By W. D.


Not dipped but

virtually dumped.

Completely swallowed by unending currents.

No oxygen.

No way to breathe.


Much like the tree,

you see.


Does it mean to be set free?


What does it mean?


Photography and Poem by W.D. Herstun


No, this poem does not reflect a currrent mood or anything that I have going on. (Or so my conscious mind tells me.)

There I was on Sunday, spending my time with God and my thoughts, along with the nature surrounding me.

When, BAM!

I saw this tree that appeared to be in severe distress.


I was like….

Look at it, all growing backward and stuff.

And so I approached the tree, and the water right behind it, and lo and behold…

I saw this guy.

And I was like, that tree that’s bent over is probably living a better life than the submerged tree.

The submerged tree is no longer alive, right?

But then…

This wasn’t a comfy position.

So, maybe being able to stand up straight is a privilege that I hadn’t considered.

What would life be like if I had to be bent over? I am sure I would adapt. That is generally what people do. But still, would I want to?

I thought about the tree that was still growing leaves and working even though it was bent.

Maybe it would be happier if it had the freedom to fall and be submerged.

Although one thing feels pretty sure, falling and being submerged should happen naturally.

I am not sure why I think this way. I know it’s wild. Probably too deep. Most people walk and put one in front of the other. Not me, though, I have to think also. Go figure.

But, humor me, what does it mean to be submerged?

Can we immerse ourselves so thoroughly in the light, love, and sun that it is akin to drowning?

Is that what worship is?

Submerge me in love then, please.

I hope that you liked the Hike Poem because there will be a lovely little poetic trio to round out volume 1. These are #VSSPoems. Or Very Short Story Poems and they will all be teeny tiny and come with photography taken on my hikes.

Nature and poetry have gone hand-in-hand as long as any historian can study.

You can learn a little bit more about Nature and Beauty here on Herstun with me.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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