Sun. Rises. Hike Poem 2. By W.D.

Sun is a part of the Herstun Hike Poem Series that began with Submerged. Hike Poems are generally very short story poems (#VSSpoem) that involve meditations on Nature, Life, and Beauty. Make sure to catch the WildeNotes at the end.


Shadows of sweet nights lurk in surrendering sunshine


Rays rave with faith in a full return to glory in the morn


Showers seeking to softly clean what old light left lingering


New life begins when the darkening ends


Sun. Rises. September. Atlanta, GA. 2019.


Video & Poem By W.D. Herstun


My first job back in Atlanta has the most beautiful view from the floor that I work on. It quickly became one of my favorite things to catch the sunrise every morning.

Sunrises are so interesting. They are both beautiful and rotten in the best way. They are relentless. No matter how hard your night might have been, the sun will rise. Whether you get up from where you lay, or not, the sun will rise. If you won yesterday, it is best to forget, because the sun will rise and rise and rise and rise so much that you will have another day of loss sooner than you wish to admit. That’s the beautiful terror of the sun. I hope to catch as many as possible. Sunrises, that is.



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This poem is a part of the Herstun Hike Poem Series. Check out Herstun Hike Poem 1: Submerged. I love the outdoors and the ancient correlation between Beauty, God, and Nature.
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