Summer in Prosserville. Our Integrated Life.


Summer is long gone and the days are getting darker and colder fast. Winter has it’s own beauty but we wanted to send summer off with one last BANG. Prosserville rocked out all summer long and here is a brief overview. This family lives a little differently than the 9 to 5. Mama Prosser and Papa Prosser are both small business owners that work all the time from anywhere. Their summers are full-on adventures. Hopefully, it brings you warm memories of fun in the sun, beached kiddos, and flip-flops! #Herstun

Summers in Prosserville are full of –

Multiple Trips

Family, Friends, & Visitors

2 Businesses & 3 Kids

… and don’t forget the dog, Bella!

All packed into TEN SHORT WEEKS.

The first day of summer is the moment the end-of-day bell rang in the kids’ schools. My husband and I drove to pick them up with the car already packed. And we were already on the road to our first destination!

This is our beautiful mess!
This summer was a whirlwind in the best way (even with the ups and downs). Here is a brief sketch of how we spent the long warm days!


From Virginia to North Carolina

We picked the kids up from school on June 7. Our first stop was to meet Shane’s parents in North Carolina! Grandpa and Grandma Prosser took the kiddos with them to Georgia for an entire week. Shane and I turned right around and came back home the SAME NIGHT.

From North Carolina back to Virginia
From Virginia to Texas

On June 8th, Shane and I grabbed a redeye from our home in VA to Dallas, Texas for a weekend of accomplishing fitness goals. My husband completed his second half marathon and I did my first 10K!

From Texas back to Virginia

It was a romantic weekend for us. And we had plenty of fun being kid-free for a little while. We spent the week in an empty (and quiet) house at home in VA, before taking another Friday to drive down to North Carolina to pick up our minis!

Two weeks of our Prosserville summer flew by! Only 8 more weeks left.
From Virginia to North Carolina

By June 14th we were back in North Carolina. And this time there was no rush! We stayed with family until Sunday then drove five hours to the coast. We lived and worked from the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week. But mostly, we focused on living and enjoying the kids! Another week of sun, fun, and activities flew by.

From North Carolina back home to Virginia

After a wonderful week of sun, we finally brought the kids home! They hadn’t been in the house since before their last day of school. (Being a little in Prosserville must be exciting. Lol.) We took a few days to unpack, repack, and regroup because as you know, the summer fun has just begun!

Six weeks of summer remaining!
From Virginia to Illinois

On June 27th the kids visited their fourth state this summer! We were off to see my family in Chicago, Illinois. The big city is the opposite of our time on the sunny shore of North Carolina but no less valuable and fun!

Me with the kids and mom at the airport!

We visited with grandparents, cousins, and family and enjoyed the beautiful weather Chicago can offer only one time a year. We brought in the month of July in Illinois before bringing the kids back home.


From Illinois home to Virginia

I was dreading this part of the summer a bit. Always a little stressful for an entrepreneur to balance the medical challenges that come with being a mother. Because let’s face it, kids get sick. Two of our children were scheduled for surgery on the same day.

Zayden, our son, was to have his adenoids removed for the second time and our youngest daughter, Rylan, had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Our children were amazing in surgery but we were grounded for a bit recovering.

However, that doesn’t stop the flow of business. So, Shane and I grabbed a weekend at the end of July for our Health Coaching Convention in Florida.

At the same time, the grandparents had our babies in Colorado having a blast!

July went off in a breeze! Only 2 weeks of summer to go!


Our kids were in for another amazing month! They spent the beginning of August in Colorado but by August 5th, Prosserville was on the move again. And this time we headed to the Eastern Shore of Maryland with our cousins for a family trip! We spent another fun weekend on the beach or in a boat making memories with the ones we love.

We returned home knowing the summer had the smell of an end. (Even though the heat blazed on.) First, I stepped out to Colorado again, almost overnight, to see my sister get her white coat. It amazes me what our family is capable of and I feel blessed that I can show support!

It must be in the genes. 😉

On August 15, Goody Gram visited for the final week of the kids’ summer. From the day they got out of school we were on the move. Collectively, Prosserville touched over five states and took over ten flights in TEN WEEKS. Not to mention, two surgeries, grandparents all over the country, the two businesses we ran the entire time… And the dog. Lol.

Seems like we were gone more of the summer than we were actually home! 

On August 22, the kids FINALLY went back to school.

More On Our Fully Integrated Life

We love our busy life. What is a fully integrated life? In Prosserville, it means that work doesn’t hold us back from creating experiences with our family. It means that we work as a team to get things done and don’t expect one person to do more work than the other. An integrated life for us means that we don’t set duties in the house based on the social norms. We have taken (and still are taking) the steps to create a fully integrated life; using a shared calendar, time blocking, waking up way before the kids, morning routines, tag-team parenting/cooking/cleaning and embracing structure to name a few.

There are so many challenges to choosing life this way. We will be back to share our THREE main tips for getting it done. Welcome to Prosserville. Hopefully, you enjoyed the madness of our summer as much as we did! And thank you for following our beautiful mess.



Written By Amber Prosser & Herstun. Edited By Herstun.

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I am here for the journey like anyone else. Amber’s social media presence drew me in and I remember Shane hanging around with good people. My goal for the Prossers is to learn from them. Lol. Funny enough but editing is a great way to learn. Just like anyone else, I am tuned in for more information about this integrated life concept because it is certainly modern! (And I am a historian, we mustn’t forget. I can definitely be antiquated. #Wilde)

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