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Change the Game By Milt the Great

November 15, 2019
It’s snowing in Colorado but Milt the Great made some time to warm us up with some hints on how young folks, particularly young men, should approach this game called life. Better yet, he wants to see young folks change the game. #Herstun

It rarely gets talked about nowadays, but this is a very relevant topic. We always complain about other races or cultures holding us back or being more privileged than we are.

What about the damage we do to ourselves?

My mom always told me I can’t control the actions of others but I am definitely in control of my own actions. I grasped that concept quickly. But what about the ones who are easily influenced by others? The so-called “big bruhs” are some of the main people holding black folks back. Instead of empowering the youth to go off and do bigger and better things than what they were offered, they get them caught up in the same battles they went through. We tear ourselves down so much (crabs in a barrel)!

I will never begin to understand why some people raised the right way and given some things a lot of children weren’t, idolize the hood.

For some odd reason, someone who has the potential to make something out of themselves would rather idolize someone who has been doing the same things pretty much their entire adult life.

Want to know the sad part about it?

The low life who the young adult is chasing behind knows the young person has more to offer than chasing behind them but they’re too lame or selfish to tell them.

Instead of saying you deserve better than the life I live, go make something out of yourself- they allow them to fall into the same vicious cycle that they have been in.

Change the game

What’s gangsta about that?

What’s gangsta about getting someone to start being a part of life you know they are not about?

Do people get off on holding young adults back from their full potential?

What was the purpose of you going through the battle just to start the same battle over with someone else?

I speak passionately about this because being the African American man that I am, I see what goes on in today’s world.

And I stayed right beside the projects but I knew from an early age that I wanted to get away from that. I saw things that will forever be a part of me, but it all boils down to that just wasn’t me.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some things that I absolutely loved about staying right next to the projects but in the same token, I knew the world had so much more to offer.

I wanted better for myself!

I will never knock anyone for doing what they need to do to survive, but I will knock someone if I know they’re holding back young people who have the potential to be a part of the change the world needs!

I have been told all my life how I had a silver spoon in my mouth (my mom and people took great care of me and made sure I did not want for anything) but that never bothered me. Living close to the projects but not living in the projects meant that people always thought my life was easier or better.

What bothers me is people being stuck in that time frame and not realizing that I am a grown man now!

Change the game

My mom did lay down a solid foundation for me to build on, but why hate on me because of that?

Why hate me because my mom made sure I was on a straight and narrow path?

I am who I am today because of the way my mom raised me. I have never thought I was better than anyone coming up or now!

Instead of people embracing me for who I was, a lot of people made fun of me! I got called a ‘mama’s boy’ so many times that I lost count before I was even 10 years old.

Look at the mama’s boy now compared to some of the very people that used to call me that!

Change the Game

I’m a long way from small town, rural Georgia and I am proud to say that I am still a mama’s boy. And I have no problem conversing with the same people that called me that all those years ago today.

See what they didn’t realize was that a long time ago my mom embedded in me that I can achieve anything I set forth to conquer. Then, she led by example! My mom obtained her Ph.D. while being a single mother of three! If that’s not leading by example, I don’t know what is!

I could’ve easily been influenced and been a part of street life as a lot of my peers. That was the popular thing to do back then and sadly, in a sense it still is.

I knew that I had more to offer than what my town had to offer back in return. That is not to say I am bigger or better than my town or the people in it, I just wanted something different for myself.

If you don’t want more for yourself then how can you expect anyone else to want more for you?

Back to the regularly scheduled message though!

It really bothers my soul that we have young individuals that are selling themselves short and the so-called OG’s are encouraging it. Instead of encouraging Lil Jimmy to go to school somewhere or help him develop a plan to make the hood a better place, Lil Jimmy is encouraged to learn the game and become a part of the streets!

There is nothing at all with learning the game, I learned it.

The secret is not to become a part of it!

Once you’re in the game, you’re in it!

There is no coming back!

Change the Game

I can go on and on about this topic but long story short- it’s time to change the game!

Instead of thinking about some ways you can earn some fast money, why not take the time to brainstorm and strategize to make some REAL money!

You don’t have to go off to college to be successful, but you better have a plan.

Pick a trade.
Start a business.
The Armed Forces.

They are all possible options and they can all be done!

You can do anything you put your mind to… two of my favorite quotes to repeat are –

If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

I really believe that and I wrote this especially for my younger people!

Be the change you want to see in the world!

You want to see more people that look like you in higher-up positions, then why don’t you start with yourself?

Why can’t you be the first person in the higher up position that you envisioned seeing someone like yourself in?

It all starts with self!

We go as far along in life as we allow ourselves to.

No one says life will be easy but it is strictly up to our own selves to make our life worth it!

Every battle is a lesson and every lesson is a stepping stone.

If you’re not learning then that means you’re stationary. Being stationary is never good in relation to learning life lessons.

We get the most out of ourselves when we’re evolving and/or elevating!

So don’t be that stationary person doing the same thing you did ten years ago, without moving up the ladder or seeing any growth or change. Change the game and be the person to make a way for yourself! Don’t forget its okay to receive assistance sometimes, that’s all a part of life. Once you change the game and up yourself and lifestyle, reach back and help others change theirs as well!

Well, that’s all I got this month, coming straight from your Southern Gentleman braving life in the snowy Midwest —

Never, ever, ever be afraid to change the game. When you know better, you do better! Learning means you are moving forward because being stationary means you aren’t learning.

Milt the Great.

Change the game


Written By Milt the Great. Edited By Herstun.

Painting By Milt the Great.

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