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NBA November. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

November 25, 2019
NBA November: Nick Andre

It has been a wild first month of basketball in the NBA so far. From arguing, load management issues to highlight-reel plays and Carmelo’s resurrection, it feels great to see that basketball season is officially back. And I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has for us.

So, let’s so who the best of the best was in November.

The 74th NBA season kicked off on Oct 22, 2019.

NBA November: Players of The Month

This is for the veterans, the guys that I have been there and DONE that. Who is bringing the best basketball to the court game in and game out? Well here is who I got for November —


Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

The Greek Freak began the 2019-2020 season with a chip on his shoulder. After losing in the Eastern Conference Finals last year, the reigning league-MVP decided that its time to turn it up a notch. And he has not been a disappointment thus far. Giannis is averaging 30 points a game alongside 14 rebounds. He has been a dominant force so far. And he is the main reason why the Bucks are one of the top teams in the East. We look forward to seeing if Giannis can keep up this high level of play which could possibly lead to another MVP trophy on his resume.


LeBron James – Los Angeles Lakers

The #WashedKing is playing at a phenomenal level this season and is the big reason for the Lakers’ hot start. After missing the playoffs a season ago, LeBron has had a lot of time to rest and has been fresh to start the season out. LeBron is averaging 25 points per and is leading the league in assist with 11 of them per game. Despite being 34 years of age, that has not stopped the King as he looks as if he still has a lot to prove as this season continues on.

NBA November Rookies of the Month

These are the new kids on the block playing elevated, big boy level basketball. It is a special category to keep an eye as the Rookie of the Year is a prized achievement.


Kendrick Nunn – Miami Heat

Nunn put the NBA on notice BEGINNING with the Summer League 2019. After his brief time playing in the G-League, Nunn has proven to everyone that he is NBA ready. And consequently, he has been a huge factor for Miami’s success on the court this past November. Nunn is averaging 16 points per game along with 3 assists. One of his more notable games was in Cleveland against the Cavaliers where Nunn scored 23 points and dished out 8 assists en route to a Miami victory. Nunn has been nothing short of spectacular so far and if he stays healthy there is still a lot of basketball to play. Keep an eye on him.


Ja Morant – Memphis Grizzlies

No Zion no problem! With the number 1 pick sidelined for the first month of the season, Ja Morant has gotten all the recognition for the best rookie in the West. From game winners to crunch time defensive plays, Morant has shown that he has adjusted to the next level physicality that the NBA has to offer and he will only get better with time. So far the rookie is averaging 18.6 points per game along with 6 assists. And he is the floor leader for his team. After the trade that sent Mike Conley to Utah over the off-season, the Grizzlies have looked to Morant to be the next star point guard for the franchise. Thankfully for the team, he is keeping his promise and balling outrageous. You can catch more of him in the Top 3 Plays at the bottom of the article.

NBA November: Game of the Month

This month the best game played was on the west coast!

Lakers vs Mavs November 1st.

I know! It was the first day of the month but boy did Luka Doncic and LeBron James put on a show!

NBA November: Lebron & Luka
Image Courtesy of LA Times.

Outcome: Lakers defeat the Mavericks 119 to 111 in overtime.

This was a game that went toe-to-toe, basket-to-basket, end line to end line. This was a historical game to watch — LeBron James and Luka Doncic converted triple-doubles.

Despite a hot start and a very efficient game in regulation for the Mavericks, it was The King who showed everyone why he is still the best in the world.

LeBron closed the game out for his team making the clutch plays at the perfect time. From dishing it out to an open Danny Green in the corner to tie the game at 103. *dab* To hitting a late-game three-pointer himself in overtime to quiet the crowd. *double dab* Then he put a stamp on the game delivering the W to the LA fans. LeBron was no doubt the player of the game as he tallied 39 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists to give his team their then 4th straight win and their first win on the road. *dabba dabba dab* There is a reason they say he’s the greatest AND there is a reason I chose him as the #NovemberPlaymaker.

NBA November: Team of the Month

Los Angeles Lakers & LeBron James

I hate to keep raving on about LeBron’s hot start to the season but besides him the Lakers have played exceptionally well. After their opening night loss to their rivals, the Clippers, the Lakers seemed to have stepped it up a notch. They play together on both ends of the floor. Besides the dynamic duo of LeBron and AD, the teams key contributors are Danny Green, Avery Bradley, Javale McGee. Even former all-star Dwight Howard has stepped up when the team needed more and have produced well in the Lakers’ success. The Lakers have high expectations going forward and hope they can keep the momentum going for the rest of the season.

NBA November: Top 3 Plays

3. Ja Morant’s game-winning layup vs. Hornets

2. Bulls win in 7 seconds, Zach Lavine game-winning three-pointer against Hornets

1. LeBron James transition dunk over Namanja Bjelica

Trust me, the NBA season is only getting started. There are so many highlights and so much excitement to come as the season progresses.

Make sure to tune in next month when I give you more takes on the best plays during the NBA regular season.

Until then, I will be watching the court.



Written By Nick Andre. Edited by W.D. Herstun.

NBA November

NBA November: Herstun’s Honorable Mention

Imagery Courtesy of The Undefeated.

James Harden & the Houston Rockets

James has already had more than one game over 60 points and Russell Westbrook is STILL recording triple-doubles. Houston has a real chance to win the west according to my sources.

Herstun’s Honorable Mention is brought to you by the Young N’ Fly Sports Guy. Maybe he will become the face of #HerstunSports but maybe he won’t. Either way, we hoopin’ as always y’all. #HerstunHoops


We playing basssketbaaalll. And it is one of my favorite sports to watch and play. It is so competitive, and so much of the game is up to luck. Basketball brings people together. It is one of those sports that will have you sitting in one room with hundreds of people you have absolutely nothing in common with. Yet you will all laugh together, cry together, or cheer together because… That is the beauty of sports. A connection that feels real.

I have been missing a whole lot of basketball writing and working on this blog so I am blessed to have Nick Andre here to guide us through the season. I can’t wait to read his take on December. The one thing that I will note is that we all know that the Lakers will lose steam. I am expecting AD and LeBron to take long breaks on either side of the All-Star game. I think LeBron is pushing now to pad the schedule for that time he knows he will be injured. Don’t get it twisted, the Lakers are coming for the crown hard. I just don’t believe that this ‘momentum’ is something to be focused on. Its post-all-star break LeBron we need to fear. That’s just my opinion on it. Oh, AND WHY NICK AIN’T MENTION MY HAWKS THO?

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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