Books for the Holidays. Best Series to Gift!

Books for the Holidays is all about gifting your loved ones something timeless, classic, and revolutionary. A book is nothing if not a place to be free. #HerstunReads

It is the very first Herstun Holiday and man has it been busy. I am new to so much in the #bloggingcommunity and #writingcommunity. And there is so much to learn that I often find myself tired, beaten down, and overwhelmed.

But I am not too tired to notice these OUTRAGEOUS Christmas lists these kids are putting out in 2019. iPhone 11 Pros and iPads and Jeeps (my friend’s four-year-old requested a whole entire JEEP).

“Jingle bells, batman smells, Santa brought us books..” 🤣 Or something like that.

Please see the BS and raise them the reality. Give them all the books. Lmao. I know that sounds like it might be cruel, but honestly, there are some amazing writers and stories out there right now.

Books for the Holidays

If you do not find reading as exhilarating and refreshing as I do, that is ok. Books are still amazing gifts. It is like giving someone an affordable adventure. So, I am going to hit four major categories based on my favorite reads of 2019.

  • Best Series for Boys & Young Men
  • Best Series for Girls & Young Women
  • Best Book for Any Adult
  • Best Series for Budding & Amateur Scientists
A Note On Gender – Your son will adore the top pick for young women and your daughter will adore the top pick for men. I chose them that way for a reason. The author for the best series for young men is a male. The author for the best series for young women is female. That is the strongest correlation. Never let suggestions on gender limit the book gifts you choose. Books should be a place of freedom. Happy book-gifting!
A Note On Age – Every book on this list is a great read for adults. The Best Series for Teens and Young Folks is simply to help with gift-giving and to stress that these books make for good conversation-starters with your teenage kids. Never let the term ‘Young Adult’ deter you from trying a book. Books should be a place of freedom. Happy book-gifting!
Books for the Holidays –

Best Series for Teenage Boys & Young Men

Books for the Holidays
Arc of the Scythe Series By Neal Shusterman

The Arc of Scythe by Neal Shusterman should keep your teenage reader occupied for a month or more! And honestly, it is a read that the family can enjoy together. The finale of the series, The Toll, is the book that kept me up all night long this weekend. And it was SO WORTH IT. There is plenty of action, intrigue, and technology. Not to mention it asks some seriously astounding questions about artificial intelligence and our reliance on the cloud.

Basically, what would you do if Siri woke up and start running the world? And not just running it, but running it efficiently af. Like, no problems. There is no illness, strife, discontent, nothing. You can age physically if you want or stay young all your days. Life is good with Siri. Except. Someone left humans to deal with death. So all the death is handled by a semi-elite group of hardened humans called the Scythedom. And hunny, you should start reading from there. Because if humanity can’t do anything else, it sure knows how to eff up a good thing quuiiick!

I bought all of my copies of this series one at a time at Barnes & Noble. Hopefully the further I get in this game, I will find specialty stores and deals for my readers. For now, I suggest just finding a cart to put it in because this is a read the whole family will enjoy.

Books for the Holidays –

Best Series for Teenage Girls & Young Women

Books for the Holidays
Children of Series By Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi gives me LIFE. Her social media, her energy, her HAIR. Sigh. Her career!! I feel so much joy every single time I see sis win. If you have teenagers or young folks in your life this is an EXCELLENT series. You can read along, be involved and enjoy. And between this and other titles, these books will probably be the most tolerable to the spiritual. Adeyemi creates a very cool world without challenging much in this one. I promise, this isn’t my favorite fantasy series but this may be my favorite fantasy series to gift a teenage girl or boy. Easy read, fun pacing, and intriguing characters to say the least!

I haven’t read the second book yet but I am incredibly heartened. Everything that I have heard has been positive so I am looking forward to losing myself in the Children of Vengenace and Virtue.

Books for the Holidays –

Best Book for Any Adult

Books for the Holidays
The Water Dancer By Ta-Nehisi Coates

This is a book I would only suggest for adults because I haven’t read it yet! I am assuming that Coates is pointedly adult though. And I trust Oprah’s wisdom for the most part. I am looking forward to diving into this fiction effort and it makes me very happy to see a brother make a living by selling books, essays, and stories.

Book for the Holidays –

Best Series for Budding & Amateur Scientists

Sapiens Series By Yuval Noah Harari

These are my books for the holiday wild card! And let me say this too, it is NEVER too late to develop an interest in science and biology. If you have a budding environmentalist this set may take them years to get through. But they will become unmatched companions in the discovery of the world and all the life in it. Heads up to the spiritual, this will challenge you. This book says things that religious crowds will find downright blasphemous. It is critical if you are going to gift it to a young adult, it is a teenager that is older and capable of understanding that Harari’s viewpoint is just ONE. We can take amazing things from it and leave other things and that is just fine. It is called discernment.

Aside from that, Harari is easy to read, fun to follow, and incredibly informative. It is dense. It can read like a novel at times, but it is collegiate-level reading. If your son or daughter is headed to college next year with the dreams of being a nurse or doctor, or if your significant other enjoys hikes and examining plant and animal life then start with Sapiens and I guarantee they won’t be disappointed.

Hopefully, this was a decent list to give you a start buying books for the holidays this year! Worst case scenario, it is much cheaper than a Jeep!

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Written & Edited By W.D. Herstun
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This list is really geared towards readers of all levels with the exception of Coates & Harari. Fiction is such a wonderful way to relax and stimulate your mind to think of things that you never would have considered before. Not to mention, reading is a muscle and a skill. So the Shusterman and Adeyemi books build skills while entertaining.
Audiobooks are also great options if you are tight on time. Listening to books in the car is a great way to share them with your kids or loved ones, almost like old school radio shows before TV took over. There is nothing wrong with TV and movies. But books, radio, and other non-visual storytelling really give your child a chance to dream and exercise imagination. And that is a rare and valuable opportunity in the 4D world we live in now.
If you are gifting these books to your children AND you are spiritual/religious/faith-leaning PLEASE make sure you converse with your child about faith. There is nothing wrong with imagining and making up new worlds. But, if it is necessary for your faith, then go ahead and start teaching your child to discern what is real for you and what is fake. The reality is that kids are faced with alternate stories, fiction, etc all the time. At least in these universes, the authors have been clear about the line. These books could start some interesting conversations around faith, love, death, and technology but those are conversations we need to be having anyway. Anything less is just #Wilde

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

Look back on how much I wanted to write about books this fall and then judge me because I really wrote so little. Lmao. No worries because trust me, more book reviews and writing from me is coming in 2020. Hopefully, that is what you are looking for. In the meantime enjoy my books for the holidays! Lol. Happy book-gifting!

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