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He Bleeds Football – Raising Athletes By Jasmine

January 9, 2020

Jordan was injured playing the sport he loved on the weekend of 9/26/2020. Right now he is in critical condition. We are currently raising money for his full recovery. Please take a moment and say a prayer for his amazing family or donate if you can.

Welcome to another edition of #TalesFromTheATL and this time we are hearing from the mother of a youth football standout. American football is a lot different than fútbol. Fútbol is the most popular sport in the world.

American football is the most popular professional sport in America, the 9th most popular sport in the world. (Based on TV ratings & ticket attendance.)

In America, football can be a gateway to better education, create access to networking opportunities, and change the lives of entire families. At the same time, it can put a lot of pressure on families and athletically-gifted children. Meet Jas and learn a little about her journey raising athletes.

I am Jasmine, an artist & designer raised outside of Atlanta.

My three favorite humans in this world call me ‘mom’.

And my middle child, and oldest son… He BLEEDS FOOTBALL.

My Oldest Son + Me

Everyone knows I’m a huge advocator of football not being “that” dangerous of a sport…

… And honestly, I still am.


Here is the reality, football is and always be a double-edged sword especially as kids get older.

Concussion Concerns Impacting Youth Football (Canadian Public Broadcast Video)

I absolutely LOVE watching my child play under the Friday (or Saturday) night lights.

And he is talented.

There is a possibility he could have a future in football. And the sport has already allotted him the opportunity to be in the high school he is currently attending.

This kid bleeds football… Literally.

First football season.

However, he’s in high school now.

And the game has changed.

What do you do when you're kid bleeds football? It is dangerous, a sport known for causing concussions and permenant damage. This is how one mother deals with her son's desire to be under the lights on Friday night.
His play earned him a scholarship to one of the best high schools in Atlanta. he is playing with the big boys now.

The hits are a little harder because there will always be another kid faster, stronger, bigger. All of a sudden, the game is about being smarter.

I hate the days after the game now.

[ It is hard to see my own flesh bleed. ]

His entire body hurts and he spends the next 1-2 days recovering.

Football is a physically demanding sport. Period. I know this.

HOWEVER, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, ALL sports are physically demanding, especially youth sports.

My son can find his way around a basketball court too. But that is another story altogether.

And any hit in the wrong place could be the last hit or the hit that ends that kid’s career.

So parents, if your kid doesn’t LOVE to play these sports, STOP making them.

Or stop trying to live your golden years through them. It’s not worth it. And there are a million OTHER things to do in life.

Bleeds Football - Jordan Sloan Injured

All this kid did on the way to the hospital was yell and be mad about having to go because the other team wasn’t that good.

The kid bleeds football. Literally.

Football is a sport of long term effects, so if you don’t understand all the possibilities, everything will bother you.

Educate yourself about concussions, contusions, broken bones, and dislocated limbs. Go ahead and get used to blood, bruises, and limping. And if you can’t handle that, then keep your kid off the field.

And yes, he is absolutely fine. He just got that a** clapped.

Bleeds Football - Jordan Sloan & Mother

If I give them nothing else, I hope I give them the space to love all that life offers. Not just sports, but art, music, science, and adventure.

Bleeds Football - Jordan Sloan & Siblings
Like any mother, I want the absolute best for ALL of my kids. They are joy personified and I am so proud to be their mom.

But this kid right here, just this one kid of mine, he really, really, really loves football.

Bleeds Football - Jordan Sloan

And it loves him. I got your back kid. Let’s go to the top.


Written By Jasmine Jamieson. Edited By W.D. Herstun.

Bleeds Football

If you made it to the end of this article about an amazing mom and her beautiful son then please consider donating to his recovery. Jordan was injured playing the game he adores. He is still in critical condition on 9/28/2020. If you can’t donate then pray. If you don’t pray then sit silently and give us good intent. Help us out here. #SupportSloan



This is one of the early “Tales from the ATL” inspired partially by working with an awesome mommy blogger from Atlanta, Tara, on Secondary Infertility. It was supposed to drop around Christmas but the amount of time I spent with family and friends was intense. So I am playing catch-up. No regrets. (And fewer apologies, check out 19 Lessons 2019 Taught Queen to see why!)

I hope to host Jasmine here again. (If she can work with my thoroughly off timetables lol.) Her whole aura as a mom is so involved and caring. I also learned a lot about parenting teenagers from watching her laugh with her kids on my social media feed. Anyway, thanks for watching/reading. Stay tuned for more on family, life, and love on our side of the Pond.

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  1. This article is poignant and prescient in light of Jordan’s head injury (presumably the injury discussed in this article was a different minor incident) this past Friday (saw the story on online news media) we all wish Jordan a very speedy full recovery! Our thoughts and prayers are with Jordan his Mom and family

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