The Break-Up By JazRob & Herstun

You don’t trust me, so you’re not honest with me.

I expect you to trust me.

I never expect anyone to trust me. 

I’m usually the one trying to figure out how to convince people to trust me.

But not you…

Can’t you see?

I expect you to trust me.

Because I trust us. 


It’s unjust but I just trust that you will always come back.

Just as Christmas must be here every twenty-fifth of December, each year

I just… I can’t help but trust us.

Do you hear? Are you here?

Because I want to know you. 


Why you think the way you do.


Oh, how I wish to make you anew.


You would be my hello and adieu.

There is no hidden agenda. 

And I hope the innocence of my intentions holds your attention.

Is this lo..?


I can’t…

I just can’t say those words.

I can’t say THAT word to you.

It’s crazy.

I am not crazy.

Are you driving me crazy?

You can’t be this good!

Dripping in rightness, and smelling like sin…

And I can’t be this naive, to believe that the look in your eye is only for my grin.

Your eyes snitched on your soul, and told me of futures in the folds of you.


Your eyes told me… You told me… Your soul told me…

But it can’t be true.

(You ain’t that good.)

If so, you would trust me.

Just me.


And we would be in simplicity.

But here you are confused, just like me.

So it ain’t that simple, and we can’t just be.

I promised you could trust me.

My soul tried to show you.

Tried to show you I was worthy.

Show you I was me.

[And all along, the voices in your head were telling you it wasn’t meant to be.]

What is it to be meant to be?

I’ve been on your mind all this time.

Why do you fight not to see me?

When we fight, why can’t you see me?

I am so sorry, I just got angry.

I am sorry, I get angry.

I just get so angry sometimes.

Until I pullback.

And realize that I can’t rush you.

If you have been gone from home, you may not recognize it at first.

Especially when there are alternatives that promise endless rebirth.

My mind will forever wander to that night…

… The night you walked away in the dark.

— With her.

At least I think it was night, the darkness certainly closed around my heart when you left…

— Behind her.

And again, your eyes snitched on your soul when you looked back… and hesitated.

I saw it right there in your eyes —

the one breath, the one thought, the one glance, —

the one thing we needed to begin our new romance.

If I could go back…

I would run.

If I could back I would run to you.

Run after you.

If I could go back I would run to you. And make our dreams come true.

Not just in the sheets of our bed but in the bread we break, and the love we make shine on the outside.

You can’t be that GOOD.

I just hope you feel it too because I can’t be this naive.

And even though we breaking up… I am starting to believe…

Sigh. Just hit me when you wanna feel this pussy.


Written By JazRob & W.D. Herstun. Edited By Herstun.


It’s been a while since I produced a poem and this one was fun. The writer has been waiting for months for me to run it. I really appreciate the patience since I am finally catching up with myself in my inbox.

This poem is supposed to be about a break-up. But it sounds like sis still got feelings for my man. And that’s all there is to say about it. Would you run after someone you love after they dissed you to be with someone else? That is a tough question.

Thanks for vibing with us poetically this time folks. We will be back with more wildness about any and everything real soon.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

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