2020 NBA Finals Predictions

The NBA Finals have arrived and we are excited to get a well-rounded seven-game series.

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The 2020 NBA FINALS –

From the hard-fought-for West, we have the 2020 Conference Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers led by veterans Lebron James, Anthony Davis, and Rajon Rondo.

Image of Lebron James in yellow Lakers jersey with the ball in his right hand and pointing with his left. He is heading to the 2020 NBA Finals.
Image of Lebron James in yellow Lakers jersey with the ball in his right hand and pointing with his left. [Image Remixed by WD]

And from the hardnosed Eastern Conference, we have the champion Miami Heat lead by veteran Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic alongside up-and-comer Bam Adebayo.

Image of Jimmy Butler in light blue Miami jersey with the ball in his right hand and pointing with his left. He is headed to the 2020 NBA Finals.
Image of Jimmy Butler in light blue Miami jersey with the ball in his right hand and pointing with his left. [Image remixed by WD]

2020 NBA Finals Summary

Both teams earned their place in the finals. They overcame tough conferences and withstood moments designed to break them. This year’s finals comes on the heels of crazy world events, family dramas, and league losses. Read more about Kobe Bryant and the Black Lives Matter movement behind the players.

This will be an intense, rugged NBA finals showdown. And both the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers will fight for the trophy. 

The Los Angeles Lakers Go To The NBA Finals

The Lakers are headed into the 2020 NBA Finals after an arduous series against the Denver Nuggets. The team was able to step up on the defensive end. The Lakers closed out all four of their wins within five games, withstanding second-half comebacks from the Nuggets in almost every win. LeBron James and Anthony Davis are playing at the highest level headed into the Finals.

 The key for the Western Conference Champions to winning this series is the contribution of their supporting cast. “Playoff Rondo” has brought his game night in and night out. It has had far-reaching impacts for this postseason lakers team.

If LA can turn around and also grab better production out of guys like Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green they will have a good chance at winning the 2020 NBA Finals. 

The Miami Heat Go To The NBA Finals

The Miami Heat have been the underdogs all season long. That is nothing new for their veteran leader Jimmy Butler. Butler has been in the league since 2011 and made five All-Star appearances but has garnered criticism from front offices and coaches in the past for his leadership style and maturity.

Coach Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat took a chance on Jimmy. And they gave him a lot of young talent to lead. The key for Miami is to use their supporting cast as their weapon. The Heat can be carried by a different player every single night. So it is important that they continue their ball movement on offense to find the hot hand and carry the load. 

Another key to Miami’s success in the 2020 NBA Finals will be how they defend the Lakers’ all-star power forward, Anthony Davis. Players like Bam Adebayo and Jae Crowder will have their work cut out for them on the defensive end. With the added duties of being physical with Davis along with keeping him from the paint. During the regular season, Davis had monster games against Miami scoring 26 and 33 in the two matchups played. The Lakers run their offense through Davis in the paint. If the Heat can force him out of his comfort zone, then they will have a shot at winning the championship. 

2020 NBA Finals Prediction

This is going to be one of the greatest NBA Finals we have ever witnessed. With the added stress of the COVID outbreak and the peaking of Lebron’s career, next to all the Jimy Butler naysayers: These two teams are locked in for an epic battle of wills. Everyone is hungry for the crown, and we should expect every game to go down to the wire. But, as amazing of a run Miami has had this season, I think the greatness of LeBron James will be too much for the Heat to handle. He is going to get the job done. This is his tenth visit to the finals. 

Expect LeBron to average solid numbers around the charts. With his all-around performances, the Lakers will win their 17th NBA Championship taking four games out of six from the Miami Heat.


A note from the Young and Fly Sports Guy: Miami will play LA hard because if anyone can coach against Lebron James it is Erik Spoelstra, after all, James is part of why he is employed. We can expect Spoelstra to throw some new things at us and try to slow the Lakers down. I am personally interested to see how they will attempt to mess with each other’s mental focus. Often series like these can come down to who can maintain their discipline the longest. I can’t wait to watch it! Who you got?

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