Creativity, a short ft. Elizabeth Gilbert & Tom Misch

The Herstun Writer presents Creativity, a short story by W.D. Herstun
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Music: “It Runs Through Me” by Tom Misch ft De La Soul.

Book: “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.


Creativity is defined as the use of the imagination of original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Creativity, a short story.

The truth is that Creativity straddles Crazy like a child playing hopscotch on a dark summer’s day. 

Humor me.

Your mind is like your house, you’re very own mansion, cottage, brick townhome, (or village if there’s lots of blinking lights and mayhem.)

And sometimes you may come home at night to hang up your work boots and jacket after a long day of thinking (for your job, your kids, maybe even your spouse), and you find the state of your house is in disarray.

Your Creativity has kidnapped your Imagination and they in the back getting it on, while the Focus you paid good money to contain them is running around trying to find Discipline and Determination and get them back on their jobs. 

You see, Creativity is your rebel.

And she ain’t here for your Rules or your Logic. She can vibe with Determination but that Discipline that Focus hired is not for her. Constantly wanting to do the same things over and over and over, bringing Focus to Details and slowing everything down. She will never fly with him around.

She wants to be free, ski, jump, hoop, bump, fly, draw, paint, write, and be bright with benevolence that never needs worry.

Until she is not.

For every flying thing must fall, and Creativity fears falling, and shrinks at the idea of failing. Creativity doesn’t realize that when she runs off with Imagination, she gets lost in his homie Wiles’ eyes. He’s also brought Debonair and Daring, and they are WAY more fun than dumb Discipline with his boring Details.

“Just shut out Fuckboy Focus and scan the sky with me,” Imagination says, “surely we can Imagine new things. Attach to new brains and bring forth here thereto unheard-of claims.”

And Imagination will slyly slide, singing silly songs, “Of course Focus is wrong, he will never feel this strong, he just doesn’t want you to be free, Creativity, he wants you away from me.”

All the while, they gettin’ higher in each other’s arms, Creativity and Imagination, holed up in your house making noises and shaking the floor up a storm.

But, Focus is back here on Reality’s ground, banging the door down, raising alarm.

Creativity must not come to harm, for how can he explain to the Brain that he’s lost the one.

Creativity is how we all get along,

we use her to produce everything we need to belong.

Imagination is just flat out wrong.

Playing on her Insecurities and flirting with her Deepest Desires.

Focus must rally Determination and Discipline so that Creativity can LIVE again in Reality with the other humans and not in fictional delusion. Focus must stake an intrusion, Creativity and Imagination can never be great without his friends, Determination, and Discipline (and the damn Details, ugh).

He knocks on the door, screaming, “Creativity, come out to me! Remember who you are meant to be!”

When Creativity is tamed and at peace, they call her Magic.

She extends her great frame and showers the Details with Determination while wielding Discpline with her Imagination’s Wiles. Debonair and Daring bow before her as she whips her Power at every Problem sent to destroy their Peace. Magic turns her Deepest Desires on her Insecurities and together they all feast on the Beauty.

Creativity can be the most beautiful beast, the simplest feast, and easily the hardest act to beat. But the ugly truth is, Creativity straddles Crazy like a child playing hopscotch on a dark summer’s day. And Imagination is always lurking, never far away. 

Creativity Companion Music –

It runs through me by Tom Misch feat. De La Soul

I love the way it flows
I love the way it grows
There’s something in this sound that takes me far
It’s like a special song
Can move my mood along
But I cannot say you’ll hear through my guitar

Tom Misch, It runs through me

She told me add a bass line
And everything will be alright
She told me that the groove is mine
It will take us through the night
And where I’ll go
Can’t explain I’ll never know
But it’s beautiful. You can’t take this away from me
The way I hit the melody
The waves bring clarity
Running through me
You can’t take this away from me
Oh the way I hit the melody
The waves bring clarity
Running through me

Tom Misch, It runs through me

Creativity Companion Book –

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Creativity Companion Book: "Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear"

“Possessing a creative mind is something like having a border collie for a pet: It needs to work, or else it will cause you an outrageous amount of trouble. Give your mind a job to do, or it will find a job to do, and you might not like the job it invents.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, 171

“Is the ideal environment to create things out of residual time and things? Not really. Or maybe it’s fine. Maybe it doesn’t matter, because that’s how things have always been made. Most individuals have never had enough time, and they’ve never had enough resources, and they’ve never had enough support, or patronage or reward… and yet still they persist in creating… They persist because they are called to be makers, by any means necessary.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic, 158


I really enjoyed reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. She inspired me while also making me think about things differently. And she absolutely inspired this short story on that crazy girl, Creativity, that can be both allusive and intrusive. The book is a great read. I took it super slow and read it over 6-7 months, 3-4 pages at a time. Gilbert does a good job of coming off as an authority in creativity and I enjoyed the way she described ideas as living breathing entities that either engage with us or don’t. And I definitely want to be engaged by the ideas, lol, they make life more fun.

I do think she invoked Malcolm X’s memory in that second quote that I chose and I wish she had referenced my man directly. I wonder how she feels about his, ‘by any means necessary’. Cheers to interesting thoughts, well-tended creative minds, fun writing exercises, and beautiful winter nights in Atlanta. Maybe I will write one about the Crazy she’s straddling. Hm. Maybe the only thing that combats Crazy is Consciousness? Who knows. We will see.

The site is going to be undergoing big changes in the coming months. I am not too excited about it as a developer but I am excited about other things around the re-design. We will be more accessible, leaner, and cleaner. It will be positively delightful. Stay tuned.

#LetsGrow #LoveAlways

This one is for my imaginary friend Daisy. May the Creativity always run through me.

Want more to read? Check out more written by Wilde. And check Tom Misch and Elizabeth Gilbert out, they are both amazing creators.

Published by W.D. Herstun

Editor-in-Chief. Curator. Dreamer. I want to bring people together, one story at a time. Sometimes, we all just need a little perspective. The arts & humanities can help us regain humanity and change the world. Believe that. Achieve that. #LetsGrow

2 thoughts on “Creativity, a short ft. Elizabeth Gilbert & Tom Misch

  1. rereading this and picked up a few more gems. consciousness combating creativity???? Considering my creativity and how she hid out for years and how now as I’ve nurtured and strengthened my consciousness I find that the reach that my creativity has has gone deeper. I have to investigate this phenomenon. Great read!

    1. Consciousness could be the only thing that keeps Creativity from straddling Crazy. Like every time she takes it too far, Consciousness shows up to bring her back to Reality and Focus. He’s like a weight on the side of Focus. It is a fun little word game. I enjoyed it. Thank you for reading!

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