Independent Scholar

My work encompasses a wide number of fields including philosophy, political science, technogenesis, linguistics, history, and literature. Working independently allows me to focus on gaining knowledge and creating without considering meeting the needs of too many stakeholders.

Read more about my challenges finding support in the academy on The Professor Is In.

Analyst / Critic

Asking questions and being critical is a crucial part of any democracy, republic, or institution that prides itself on the service of freedom. My critique and analysis is typically found at the end of each post in the WildeNotes. 

Analyzing the importance of Kobe Bryant to the culture and to the narrative was bittersweet. 

Multimedia Artist / Art Writer

In addition to writing and research, I take photography seriously. I hope to include as much visual art created by myself in this portfolio for the revolution. Or, at least art created by people that I know, including music, painting, and more. 

Check out an author spotlight on the scultpor Mvrjoni from the DMV.

Aspiring Truthteller

One of the hardest things in the world is telling your truth. And I am dedicated to finding new ways to do that. Even in the midst of a corporate-driven, greed-indulged, commercialized, america. I will tell the truth, and my truth will set me free. Regardless of who the truth serves. 

Enjoy my disjointed poem about the world as I see it. This is my war cry. 


Poetry is the orgasm of language and the window of life. We all deserve orgasms. Sometimes it just takes the poet to remind us. 

Nature is always inspiring. Share a short Hike Poem with me. 


Our minds are hardwired for story. Whether on the screen or in a book, I have always loved a good story, and now I use that power to influence, persuade, entertain, and educate. Great storytelling requires the same vulnerability as poetry.

This is a short story about Creativity straddling Crazy.


Editing pulls from numerous influences to guide one story to birth. My goal is always to elevate the writer, provide resources, and reasearch; and in the digital space, bring some motion and art too. 

Learn more about the Hoops to Healthcare in America with an article by Jay Knew.


I believe that radical love, consistent questioning, and committed education is the way we change the world. Learning about each other, learning about the earth, and learning about how we can make a more inclusive and accessible future for everyone is relational. It’s about being better to each other and the planet despite institutions that reward the opposite. It would seem that within a culture driven by capitalism, corporate-greed, and euro-american values, my existence, my refusal to lie down, and my determination to THINK and FEEL is revolutionary. So a revolutionary I will be. 

Meet the Curator is a series I started in the beginning to keep my writings. Read the very first post!