Art Series

We are on an epic quest to define art in real terms.

The art series are themes presented to the contributors in the Herstun Writer Group. Everyone on the site is an artist in their own way.

The humanities is the study of what humans have created since the beginning of time. Language, biology, philosophy, identity, pottery, policy, economy, the list goes on.

However, one of the greatest measures of human growth is art. This site is about growth through love. Unfortunately, popular media can oversell love while being silent on preparedness for pain. As a result, many people are ill-equipped to love but driven to desire.

Art is certainly at the heart of it all. And if you believe that it is not, then the Writer is the place to be. Art exists somewhere between the epic struggle between light and dark. Healthy and ill. The saviors and the forsaken. Art is the soul that is missing from the center of the web we call life in this era.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit in modernity. Homo sapiens now possess access to technology that turn us into writers, painters, and adventurers with the swipes of our fingers. We are all artists.

Our goal at the Writer is to encourage the arts in all forms. So we hope you enjoy our lifelong journey to answer the truly elusive question — What is art?