Artist Spotlights

The term artist is used loosely Herstun to refer to anyone that has created something that allows for reflection or study.

Critique, memoir, biography, essays, articles, myths, fables, poetry, novels, spoken word, short stories, theatre, film, paintings, animations, photoshop, photographs, fashion, trends, dance, song, speech, prayers. The list is endless.

References listed here are creators that draw attention, push envelopes, or just teach valuable lessons. Either way, they have made their way to the Table of Creators, listed below in no specific order.

Table of Creators:

Author — Umberto Eco21st century (c.) Italian novelist & critic.
President — Barack Obama 21st c. American author, diplomat, intellectual.
Author —Roger Scruton21st c. British philosopher in aesthetics.
Sculptor —Murjoni Young 21st c. American visual artist.
Rapper —Soulja BoyYoung 21st c. American writer, producer, and social influencer.
Poet —Nikki GiovanniComing Soon!
Author —Zora Neale Hurston20th c. American novelist and anthropologist.