Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy

I want you, You know, minus the sexual innuendos… I’ve imagined meeting you before I knew you, Thought you were just a fantasy I created. Your thoughts… They excite me sapiosexually. Causing me to take flight prematurely. So, pardon me for running before experiencing what this can be. But you turn me on mentally. AndContinue reading “Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy”

Everyone Loves Jeremiah By Nessla1 and Herstun Feat Patrick Dougher

Everyone loves Jeremiah…  He’s so innocent and pure. Friendly. And different. Depending on what you see.   Just know that, everyone loves Jeremiah. Maybe his purity is designed to teach us humility.  His character is judgement free. How could you not love Jeremiah? I would give anything to see the world through his eyes.  Experience hisContinue reading “Everyone Loves Jeremiah By Nessla1 and Herstun Feat Patrick Dougher”

BBW by Nessla1 Feat Illustrating Christy & Herstun

BBW Blank. Black. Woman. She can be so many things, this BBW. A vehicle of your tortured mind… Or. Beautiful Black Woman. She is the Backbone of the family But only when it’s convenient To You Exhausting Her Energy Creating resentment due to lack of reciprocity – Turning a bit Bitter is she? Your BlankContinue reading “BBW by Nessla1 Feat Illustrating Christy & Herstun”

Felt It In My Gut – On Learning to Trust My Intuition

You know, they say a woman’s intuition is never really wrong. At this stage in my life, I know all too well what that gut feeling is like. But we as women, often choose to ignore it. At least I did! I used to feel my gut, twisting and turning and I excused it asContinue reading “Felt It In My Gut – On Learning to Trust My Intuition”

Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher

I really only had 2 options growing up, Option 1. Become a black queen, causing stereotypes to be broken and live up to my highest potential. Option 2. Or be a black hoe, living up to the status quo that was constantly being embedded! I heard it every day and it made me question myContinue reading “Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher”

Release By Nessla1 feat Murjoni

A poem releasing my resentment and my anger towards both my parents, but primarily my mother! A poem of forgiveness so that I can continue to elevate on my journey and in my truth. From the beginning, my childhood was cut short… Innocence stripped away young, like leaves burning on a tree, It was, asContinue reading “Release By Nessla1 feat Murjoni”

Fatal Attraction by Nessla1 feat. Gank Pansuay

And as I stood there, with my cheeks stricken with tears and lips swollen shut, I stared at the reflection of myself, no longer recognizing who I was. Not only was my lip split in half, but there also was a hole big enough to stick my tongue through. My eyes were filled with painContinue reading “Fatal Attraction by Nessla1 feat. Gank Pansuay”

Nessla1 — The Survivor

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” Nickolas Tesla Herstun asked me to tell you about myself. The infamous tell me about yourself question — the make or break that can solidifyContinue reading “Nessla1 — The Survivor”