Top 10 Hip-Hop Artists of the Decade By Nick Andre

This is the Top 10 Hip-Hop Artists of the Decade ACCORDING TO Nick Andre. LOL. Nick is our go-to voice for basketball on the Writer. But he has always expressed an interest in writing about more. I am excited to host his first variety piece in Music. In case you did not know, Music Matters […]

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Beyoncé Brillance: Quotes & Notes from ELLE

Introductory Disclaimer: Beyoncé, though I love her, may not be the best go-to for mental health advice. Black celebrities and artists are not automatically black leaders by nature of their fame. There are teachers, professors, counselors, ministers, civil servants, and subject matter experts that have devoted their lives to the communities they serve. Make sure […]

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Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy

I want you, You know, minus the sexual innuendos… I’ve imagined meeting you before I knew you, Thought you were just a fantasy I created. Your thoughts… They excite me sapiosexually. Causing me to take flight prematurely. So, pardon me for running before experiencing what this can be. But you turn me on mentally. And […]

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