Seven Summits on Seven Continents Feat. Six IG Adventurers

Seven summits on seven continents. Climing mountains is certainly something to celebrate. If a mountaineer manages to climb all seven summits, he or she will have stood at the highest point of each of the seven landmasses that make up Mother Earth. It is kind of a fascinating thought. And it is something that adventurersContinue reading “Seven Summits on Seven Continents Feat. Six IG Adventurers”

What Ever Happened to R&B? By Flo the DJ feat 50 Cent’s Instagram

What ever happened to R&B? Ginuwine would set the mood for you & me. What ever happened to the Misses & the Mister? Now I Gotta Listen To Them Degrade Ya’ Sista. Back in the daze music used to mean something. Nowadays they ain’t really saying nothing, but Got your hands on some change… NowContinue reading “What Ever Happened to R&B? By Flo the DJ feat 50 Cent’s Instagram”

BBW by Nessla1 Feat Illustrating Christy & Herstun

BBW Blank. Black. Woman. She can be so many things, this BBW. A vehicle of your tortured mind… Or. Beautiful Black Woman. She is the Backbone of the family But only when it’s convenient To You Exhausting Her Energy Creating resentment due to lack of reciprocity – Turning a bit Bitter is she? Your BlankContinue reading “BBW by Nessla1 Feat Illustrating Christy & Herstun”

Verse 5 – The Not So New Me – Becoming Aamir Ali

Returning with another installment in the life of the American soldier and trans man, Aamir Ali. Scroll all the way to the bottom to catch up on his poetic series about becoming someone he loves. This particular story is about the days surrounding an important event for him – Chest surgery. My Surgeon was Dr.Continue reading “Verse 5 – The Not So New Me – Becoming Aamir Ali”

Unconditional Love By Flow the DJ Feat Mind.of.El

View this post on Instagram A post shared by FLOW (@flowthedj) on Feb 14, 2019 at 4:53am PST Unconditional Love, is it too good to be true? I just want somebody to kick a melody to. You feeling my rhythm? I’m feeling your vibe. Through My Third Eye Tell the DJ play that song requested.Continue reading “Unconditional Love By Flow the DJ Feat Mind.of.El”

Protect Your Peace/Piece by Flow the DJ feat. Jeff Manning

Flow the DJ is back this #FlowFriday giving us some insight on the word love as it relates to peace. Jeff Manning is the perfect pair to the piece/peace this week because he has some of the best digital artwork on the scene and these of expressions of love seem to be so synonymous with the Digital Age.

Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher

I really only had 2 options growing up, Option 1. Become a black queen, causing stereotypes to be broken and live up to my highest potential. Option 2. Or be a black hoe, living up to the status quo that was constantly being embedded! I heard it every day and it made me question myContinue reading “Status Quo By Nessla1 feat. Patrick Dougher”

Met Gala 2019

Brief History & Facts Fashion is one of my favorite distractions. (My grandmother passed and I have been grieving. Deeply. Still am.) #LoveAlways And New York City is always bustling. Annually for the last fifty years, Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute hosts a huge benefit where celebrities dress up in over-the-top outfits set toContinue reading “Met Gala 2019”

Love, I Don’t Trust You By Jazzo feat. Patrick Dougher and Lauryn Hill

Each piece of Dougher’s work is paired with Jazzo’s poetic words. Jazzo defines love as a psychosis. A severe mental disorder in which thoughts and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality…