Searching for Surrealism

What is surrealism? What am I searching for? For the last year, I have found myself on a subconscious, almost-unwilling search for the defining characteristics of surrealism. There is something about life that feels a tad off. Unrealistically so. I am in my early 30s, not lacking for much, and I am blessed in mostContinue reading “Searching for Surrealism”

Shoot the Ball, Part II. Learning to Lose.

Life is not a game or a competition. I think the best analogy I have heard is that it is a journey. And even that suggests a linear path that has not come to fruition in my own personal life. Life just is. But I like to think of things in terms of sports becauseContinue reading “Shoot the Ball, Part II. Learning to Lose.”

Shoot the Ball. No Matter What.

As a teenager, I found endless energy for basketball. I remember spending countless days and evenings in hot gymnasiums with 10-12 other sweaty girls. We learned plays; we practiced motions, and we worked hard; then we slouched off, laughed and fought. Mostly, we played basketball. And some of us learned about life from some amazingContinue reading “Shoot the Ball. No Matter What.”

Books for the Holidays. Best Series to Gift!

Books for the Holidays is all about gifting your loved ones something timeless, classic, and revolutionary. A book is nothing if not a place to be free. #HerstunReads It is the very first Herstun Holiday and man has it been busy. I am new to so much in the #bloggingcommunity and #writingcommunity. And there isContinue reading “Books for the Holidays. Best Series to Gift!”

Harriet Tubman, the Movie. 10 Takeaways.

Harriet, the movie opened in America this weekend. Watch out for spoiler alerts if you still plan to see it! Harriet is a movie released November 1 depicting young, fiery Harriet Tubman as a dynamic American heroine. The movie was directed by Kasi Lemmons. Lemmons is from St. Louis, Missouri and has over 30 actingContinue reading “Harriet Tubman, the Movie. 10 Takeaways.”