Back to School: Stop Name Shaming By ShesReelatable

BACK TO SCHOOL!! And I am back. Like a Cadillac. You missed me? (Well, to whom it may concern, anyway.) It’s been a minute but I got a minute so let me tell you what has been on my mind lately. It is back to school time and while I don’t get to enjoy theContinue reading “Back to School: Stop Name Shaming By ShesReelatable”

7 Lessons Learned in 6 Months – On Life By Milt

About half a year ago, I packed up all of my belongings and drove away from everything that I know. I resettled halfway across America in the Midwest without any family or friends. And boy, have I learned a lot. Here are 7 lessons a Southern boy learned moving out West 6 months ago. AndContinue reading “7 Lessons Learned in 6 Months – On Life By Milt”

7 Lessons Learned. 6,800 + Followers in 6 Months.

Alright. So. I have been out here on the internet at this domain for 6 months officially. The lessons I have learned along the way are staggering. But, they began way before this domain name was bought and paid for. I hope that if you haven’t subscribed, you go ahead and join up for theContinue reading “7 Lessons Learned. 6,800 + Followers in 6 Months.”

Meet Amber and Shane! Prosserville. Episode 1.

Last month on July 5 the Herstun Writer got an introduction to Prosserville! Or a sneak peek if you will. Today is August 5 and the Prossers are back to tell you more about who they are as individuals, where they come from, and where they want to go. So without further ado, meet AmberContinue reading “Meet Amber and Shane! Prosserville. Episode 1.”

Tales of Traveling Elle. Colombia.

Elle Dreams Have you ever had a dream that kept you awake at night? A dream that would make you look at your world differently? A dream irking you when your mind should be at rest? The type of dream that you could not imagine finding the resources for? I have. My dreams were allContinue reading “Tales of Traveling Elle. Colombia.”

All-American Edition: Prosserville Pending

Prosservillle is raw and uncut stories, tips, and advice from — Two friends who — Fell in love, got married, had 3 babies, and became entrepreneurs! all while moving multiple times, Serving the country, And starting multiple businesses. Our posts will be comprised of a variety of things — In Prosserville, we call them beautifulContinue reading “All-American Edition: Prosserville Pending”

Tomato Sauce: Kedu, aha m bu John Okechukwu Nwosu, Jr. – Jay Knew

Kedu! Aha m bu John Okechukwu Nwosu, Jr. Ebee ka i si? This is such a loaded and complex question. The short answer is…it depends. Is a tomato a fruit? TomaYto. Tomato. I was born in Huntsville, AL but we moved to Six Flags Drive in Austell, GA when I was about 4. My parentsContinue reading “Tomato Sauce: Kedu, aha m bu John Okechukwu Nwosu, Jr. – Jay Knew”

2020 Vision Series: Seeing Clearly by Knew

2020 Vision Series — A political analysis of the realities facing the voters ahead of the 2020 Presidential election in America. The bottom of this article features some steps that will help guide you towards choosing a candidate that represents your interests. This is the beginning of a series that will seek to inform othersContinue reading “2020 Vision Series: Seeing Clearly by Knew”

Verse 5 – The Not So New Me – Becoming Aamir Ali

Returning with another installment in the life of the American soldier and trans man, Aamir Ali. Scroll all the way to the bottom to catch up on his poetic series about becoming someone he loves. This particular story is about the days surrounding an important event for him – Chest surgery. My Surgeon was Dr.Continue reading “Verse 5 – The Not So New Me – Becoming Aamir Ali”

I Am Pro-Life By ShesReeLateable

TODAY I AM PRO-LIFE!! I actually am. I thought for the longest I was pro-choice seeing as I am a woman who enjoys the free will of making all my own decisions in life. You know, mind your own business and what have you. But, today I’m pro-life. LIFE. Not fetus. Actual viable life. LikeContinue reading “I Am Pro-Life By ShesReeLateable”