“What Should I Read?” — Everyone Ever.

Any bookworm born before the internet knows that being a bibliophile can be both lonely and rewarding. Its an interesting conundrum to be faced with. On the one hand, you are never fully part of any conversation because the book grasps your attention. For example, you might spend all day working hard with the sameContinue reading ““What Should I Read?” — Everyone Ever.”

Beauty Manifest

Beauty can affect us in an unlimited variety of ways… The key is that it can never be viewed indifferently. Beauty demands to be noticed. It speaks to us directly, like the voice of an intimate friend. If you are indifferent to all beauty, (as in nothing makes you NOTICE, nothing makes you look twice,Continue reading “Beauty Manifest”

Beauty or Booty?

The term beauty is loosely applied to whatever we like. We probably each have it as a heavy part of our vocabularies and deeply imbedded in our psyches. At first glance it sounds simple enough, intuitive even. But in reality, it is a very complex topic. Beauty is never absolute. It has taken on variousContinue reading “Beauty or Booty?”

(cup) CAKE or BUST

Third post in and I’m already struggling with writer’s block. Lol. If you have ever written for any class ever in your life then you know the feeling. Its kind of like an inbetweeness when you can’t quite get your thoughts and the pen to connect. That is the exact feeling of inbetweeness I haveContinue reading “(cup) CAKE or BUST”

Challenge Accepted: Handrolled Pasta

I challenged myself to try new things in the kitchen and the time is now. [Skip directly to recipe: Handrolled Pasta Recipe or keep reading for my first time experience making this recipe and my grade!] I decided to leap for the stars. Well, not really. My husband requested shrimp alfredo for his birthday. I really enjoyContinue reading “Challenge Accepted: Handrolled Pasta”

Cookin’ Up Something New

I grew up in a family surrounded by amazing cooks. We have deep roots in Georgia and there are endless memories eating my granny’s homemade biscuits and chicken dressing, my momma’s creamy grits, or my aunt’s homemade boiled peanuts. Whenever we ventured outside of north Georgia and further down into the deep south, there wasContinue reading “Cookin’ Up Something New”

The Recipe Review

We all check out the number of stars a recipe receives whenever we google something new. Well, I’m going to add my spin to that process by rating the recipes I try according to this criteria: 1 — If I give a recipe a score of 1 then I just did not have good luck withContinue reading “The Recipe Review”