Plain Pain By W.D. Herstun

Plain Pain Just pain. No window. All shame. Blood flow & Red brain. Nothing but Plain pain. Like watching the slow drop of any drain. It drips into your veins. Commanding your blood flow. And dragging your soul Low. Splitting skulls on the concrete, until the red meat shows. Or do you show blue inContinue reading “Plain Pain By W.D. Herstun”

Harriet Tubman, the Movie. 10 Takeaways.

Harriet, the movie opened in America this weekend. Watch out for spoiler alerts if you still plan to see it! Harriet is a movie released November 1 depicting young, fiery Harriet Tubman as a dynamic American heroine. The movie was directed by Kasi Lemmons. Lemmons is from St. Louis, Missouri and has over 30 actingContinue reading “Harriet Tubman, the Movie. 10 Takeaways.”

25 Things Learned By 26

A bitch is getting old y’all. Next month I will become a brand new 26-year-old. Here are 25 things I’ve learned since turning 25. Birthdays aren’t important between 22-29. It’s sometimes healthier to be demoted from a friend to associate. Fall is the detox season. Celebrate and cherish every errand ran without a baby onContinue reading “25 Things Learned By 26”

My Leap of Faith: The Road from GA to CO

It was ten days before it was time for me to leave the state of Georgia, and I had not the slightest idea of where I was moving to in Colorado. I also knew even less about what route I was taking. I was literally leaping into the unknown with nothing to arm me butContinue reading “My Leap of Faith: The Road from GA to CO”

Back to School: Stop Name Shaming By ShesReelatable

BACK TO SCHOOL!! And I am back. Like a Cadillac. You missed me? (Well, to whom it may concern, anyway.) It’s been a minute but I got a minute so let me tell you what has been on my mind lately. It is back to school time and while I don’t get to enjoy theContinue reading “Back to School: Stop Name Shaming By ShesReelatable”

Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy

I want you, You know, minus the sexual innuendos… I’ve imagined meeting you before I knew you, Thought you were just a fantasy I created. Your thoughts… They excite me sapiosexually. Causing me to take flight prematurely. So, pardon me for running before experiencing what this can be. But you turn me on mentally. AndContinue reading “Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy”

7 Lessons Learned in 6 Months – On Life By Milt

About half a year ago, I packed up all of my belongings and drove away from everything that I know. I resettled halfway across America in the Midwest without any family or friends. And boy, have I learned a lot. Here are 7 lessons a Southern boy learned moving out West 6 months ago. AndContinue reading “7 Lessons Learned in 6 Months – On Life By Milt”

7 Lessons Learned. 6,800 + Followers in 6 Months.

Alright. So. I have been out here on the internet at this domain for 6 months officially. The lessons I have learned along the way are staggering. But, they began way before this domain name was bought and paid for. I hope that if you haven’t subscribed, you go ahead and join up for theContinue reading “7 Lessons Learned. 6,800 + Followers in 6 Months.”