The ultimate goal is to grow as a writer, become better at my craft, challenge myself, and collect my passions.

“Research is formalized curiosity.”

Zora Neale Hurston

This page is dedicated to the many things that fly Wilde in Herstun’s head.

Pieces Written By W.D. Herstun

The Current Series covers the imminently complex questions that cross minds when staring listlessly into space.

Current Series –

The Art in Adventure

There is an art to attacking life with an adventurous spirit and this collection of writings is about finding the artists capable of creating masterpieces with mountains, foreign languages, and unknown futures.

Previous Series –

The Art of Music & Verse

These writings center around some of Wilde’s favorite music from 2018. Music is life just as art is life. Click the link to find out more.

The Art of Beauty

This collection of posts and essays will be surrounding Beauty and its ties to the way we live. — How does the way society perceives Beauty affect the way law is applied? How does it shape our schools’ curriculum? How has Beauty been used to empower disenfranchised populations or how has it been used to disparage them? Who or what dictates Beauty? What is American Beauty and how does it differ from European or African Beauty? How have globalism and technology affected concepts surrounding Beauty and the broadcast of Beauty ideals?

The Epiphany Beta Readers Club

The Epiphany Series is an epic mythic fantasy set in an alternate/parallel universe centering on the goddess Gaia, her partner Xistence, and all of their otherworldy creations.

One of the biggest motivations for tackling the challenge of becoming a better writer is Epiphany. I live with the characters, sleep with the storylines, and daydream about the possibilities.

The Epiphany Beta Readers Club is for anyone interested in going on the journey of writing a novel. Content will feature the entire process, from writing the origin story and developing the plot, all the way up to querying agents.

The Club is currently open to new membership, only looking to fill 3-5 more slotsplease e-mail Herstun with a brief bio and reason you are interested to receive special content!

All Wilde’s Thoughts

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