Summer in Prosserville. Our Integrated Life.

Summer is long gone and the days are getting darker and colder fast. Winter has it’s own beauty but we wanted to send summer off with one last BANG. Prosserville rocked out all summer long and here is a brief overview. This family lives a little differently than the 9 to 5. Mama Prosser andContinue reading “Summer in Prosserville. Our Integrated Life.”

Let’s Get LiT. Happy October!

Welcome back to the wacky stream-of-consciousness that is my thought process. Ha. I hope that you find your way to the end of this train and get ready to get lit with your favorite Herstun Writer! Get Lit: Texas Tales September has come and gone faster than I could have ever expected. Trying to juggleContinue reading “Let’s Get LiT. Happy October!”

Seven Summits on Seven Continents Feat. Six IG Adventurers

Seven summits on seven continents. Climing mountains is certainly something to celebrate. If a mountaineer manages to climb all seven summits, he or she will have stood at the highest point of each of the seven landmasses that make up Mother Earth. It is kind of a fascinating thought. And it is something that adventurersContinue reading “Seven Summits on Seven Continents Feat. Six IG Adventurers”

Climbing Mountains for Juneteenth – 10 Names in Black Adventure & Outdoors

Climbing mountains is a fair analogy for the lives of many people in America, including a dispropotionate number of her Black folks. Even still. As we celebrate another passing of Juneteenth in America, it is fair to say, that many of us are living our ancestor’s wildest dreams. For example. I don’t think that Great-Great-Great-Great-GreatContinue reading “Climbing Mountains for Juneteenth – 10 Names in Black Adventure & Outdoors”