Nick’s Picks: 2021 NBA Predictions

Rookie of the YearDefensive Player of the YearSixth Man of the YearMost Improved Player Most Valuable Player (MVP)Coach of the YearFinals Match-UpWildeNotes It’s been one hell of a year, to say the least. But at least the NBA is officially returning on December 22. After a crazy ending to last season in the bubble, everyoneContinue reading “Nick’s Picks: 2021 NBA Predictions”

Shoot the Ball. No Matter What.

As a teenager, I found endless energy for basketball. I remember spending countless days and evenings in hot gymnasiums with 10-12 other sweaty girls. We learned plays; we practiced motions, and we worked hard; then we slouched off, laughed and fought. Mostly, we played basketball. And some of us learned about life from some amazingContinue reading “Shoot the Ball. No Matter What.”

NBA February Recap w/ Nick Andre

NBA February and what a month it was for the league! After a tough January losing great legends in Kobe Bryant and David Stern, the teams and players were able to bring things back together in the locker room and continue to push for a playoff spot. Let’s see who has been on top ofContinue reading “NBA February Recap w/ Nick Andre”

NBA January. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

It’s January in the NBA! The first two months of the NBA season were nothing short of spectacular. But the month of January made things even better than ever. With the new year starting, guys are looking to turn things up a notch. They understand that the season is winding down soon and it’s timeContinue reading “NBA January. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre”

NBA December. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

If you guys thought that November was an exciting month for the NBA, December was just as exciting if not even more. Players finally have their legs underneath them and the competition is getting much stronger as the season keeps going. Now that the month is officially over, let’s see who was at the topContinue reading “NBA December. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre”

NBA November. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

It has been a wild first month of basketball in the NBA so far. From arguing, load management issues to highlight-reel plays and Carmelo’s resurrection, it feels great to see that basketball season is officially back. And I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has for us. So, let’s so whoContinue reading “NBA November. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre”

Nick’s Pick: 2019-2020 NBA Season Predictions

It is that time of year again and we are back with basskkkettballl. All day and all night long. So. If you have any predicitons for the 2019-2020 season then leave them here. NBA all day. Let’s grow.