I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni

I used to have a sister, although we’d never met. She used to tell me that I was beautiful, and made me promise not to forget. My sister was so cool, brown-skinned and sweet. The whole world loved my sister! They turned her name into a street. My sister was for the cause, and weContinue reading “I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni”

Top 10 Hip-Hop Artists of the Decade By Nick Andre

This is the Top 10 Hip-Hop Artists of the Decade ACCORDING TO Nick Andre. LOL. Nick is our go-to voice for basketball on the Writer. But he has always expressed an interest in writing about more. I am excited to host his first variety piece in Music. In case you did not know, Music MattersContinue reading “Top 10 Hip-Hop Artists of the Decade By Nick Andre”

Alex J. in Guinea – Alahassane Kaba from America – An African-American Man in West Africa

Guinea is a west coastal country of Africa with a population of 12.4 million. The sovereign state is a republic with a president elected directly by the people. Guinean people belong to 24 ethnic groups and while French is the official language more than 24 indigenous languages are spoken. Guinea is the world’s second largestContinue reading “Alex J. in Guinea – Alahassane Kaba from America – An African-American Man in West Africa”

Kodak Black. Expeditiously.

Let’s talk Kodak Black-  In a world of cancel culture, I am hesitant to write someone off. Because I believe that people can grow. HOWEVER comma — There are some people that we just need to leave where they are at!! One of those people is Kodak Black. For one, he’s trash. Like, have youContinue reading “Kodak Black. Expeditiously.”

The Cycle — Meet Flow the DJ

Think for yourself — Don’t follow the squad Better play smart — Better follow your God Follow your Heart — Understand your part In the Circle of Life — I lay you down tonight You can be anything — Wonder what you might do Teach you what I know — Help you see the LightContinue reading “The Cycle — Meet Flow the DJ”

The Marathon Continues — Nipsey Hu$$le

Rest In Peace Nipsey Hu$$le Ermias Asghedom Nipsey Hu$$le, was murdered March 31, 2019 outside of his clothing store, Marathon, on Slauson Ave in Los Angeles, CA. Upon receipt of the disheartening news, the Hip-Hop world of fans and artists alike rushed to social media to pay their respects to the legendary rapper and activist.Continue reading “The Marathon Continues — Nipsey Hu$$le”


So I’m not the biggest on self introductions, but I am glad to be here on Team Herstun. My name Ian Harrow. I’m a self-taught animator & mixed-media artist. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and creating. The first time I met Herstun, I was no more than 10 years old. Sitting behind her,Continue reading “E-N!TheAnimation”

Pretty. BROWN. Girl. by Queen feat. Marcus the Visual

Last night, I watched Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta — Yes, reality TV, remember this is a guilt-free zone. — I cringed while watching Spice — the self-proclaimed Dance Hall queen — speak about wanting to bleach her skin so that she can be a successful music artist in the United States. Spice’s bleached-light skin andContinue reading “Pretty. BROWN. Girl. by Queen feat. Marcus the Visual”

Friday Follower Spotlight — Belinda

This first Friday follower… She probably changed my life and the lives of the people around me without even being aware. That is right. I was inspired by the person behind keyboard and ascreen millions of miles from my reality.

Django Jane — Janelle Monáe

Yeah, yeah this is my palace, champagne in my chalice.I got it all covered like a wedding bandWonderland, so my alias is Alice.1 [We gon’ start a motherfuckin’ pussy riot.Or we gon’ have to put ’em on a pussy diet.Look at that, I guarantee I got ’em quiet.Look at that, I guarantee they all inspired.]Continue reading “Django Jane — Janelle Monáe”