can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?

Hey loves! Welcome back. Thank you for showing love on my last article. I will be here every other Wednesday to give you some awesome reads (figuratively and literally 😀) about whatever pops into my mind and affects my feelings. Ooh Lord, all the feels. 🤣 But, on a serious note, I think it’s dopeContinue reading “can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?”

Kodak Black. Expeditiously.

Let’s talk Kodak Black-  In a world of cancel culture, I am hesitant to write someone off. Because I believe that people can grow. HOWEVER comma — There are some people that we just need to leave where they are at!! One of those people is Kodak Black. For one, he’s trash. Like, have youContinue reading “Kodak Black. Expeditiously.”