Summer in Prosserville. Our Integrated Life.

Summer is long gone and the days are getting darker and colder fast. Winter has it’s own beauty but we wanted to send summer off with one last BANG. Prosserville rocked out all summer long and here is a brief overview. This family lives a little differently than the 9 to 5. Mama Prosser andContinue reading “Summer in Prosserville. Our Integrated Life.”

Meet Amber and Shane! Prosserville. Episode 1.

Last month on July 5 the Herstun Writer got an introduction to Prosserville! Or a sneak peek if you will. Today is August 5 and the Prossers are back to tell you more about who they are as individuals, where they come from, and where they want to go. So without further ado, meet AmberContinue reading “Meet Amber and Shane! Prosserville. Episode 1.”

All-American Edition: Prosserville Pending

Prosservillle is raw and uncut stories, tips, and advice from — Two friends who — Fell in love, got married, had 3 babies, and became entrepreneurs! all while moving multiple times, Serving the country, And starting multiple businesses. Our posts will be comprised of a variety of things — In Prosserville, we call them beautifulContinue reading “All-American Edition: Prosserville Pending”