Beyoncé Brillance: Quotes & Notes from ELLE

Introductory Disclaimer: Beyoncé, though I love her, may not be the best go-to for mental health advice. Black celebrities and artists are not automatically black leaders by nature of their fame. There are teachers, professors, counselors, ministers, civil servants, and subject matter experts that have devoted their lives to the communities they serve. Make sureContinue reading “Beyoncé Brillance: Quotes & Notes from ELLE”

The Village By Flow the DJ feat. unCED

I just walked through the hood today — Felt like I didn’t have to tuck my chain away. If you gotta spend a dollar — Spend it round the way. Cause if we building for tomorrow — Gotta start today. All the kids in the village that we helped to raise — Living better thanContinue reading “The Village By Flow the DJ feat. unCED”

Kodak Black. Expeditiously.

Let’s talk Kodak Black-  In a world of cancel culture, I am hesitant to write someone off. Because I believe that people can grow. HOWEVER comma — There are some people that we just need to leave where they are at!! One of those people is Kodak Black. For one, he’s trash. Like, have youContinue reading “Kodak Black. Expeditiously.”