Unconditional Love By Flow the DJ Feat Mind.of.El

View this post on Instagram A post shared by FLOW (@flowthedj) on Feb 14, 2019 at 4:53am PST Unconditional Love, is it too good to be true? I just want somebody to kick a melody to. You feeling my rhythm? I’m feeling your vibe. Through My Third Eye Tell the DJ play that song requested.Continue reading “Unconditional Love By Flow the DJ Feat Mind.of.El”

Life the Marathon By Flow the DJ feat Chaos

One day you’ll pass on When the Lord calls you home When will that time come? See you really never know So just try to live your life before you go Give your loved ones the roses before the scent is gone Don’t just live your Life in a cloud of weed and alcohol OnContinue reading “Life the Marathon By Flow the DJ feat Chaos”

Time Flies By Flow the Dj feat Mind of El

Relationships shouldn’t be crappy Don’t stay if you ain’t happy A broken home before you even a mama or pappy Hate when we make babies Who are just a product of complacency Plenty fish in the sea Don’t be afraid to leave If you don’t feel the vibe Don’t be afraid to ride Cause daysContinue reading “Time Flies By Flow the Dj feat Mind of El”

The Cycle — Meet Flow the DJ

Think for yourself — Don’t follow the squad Better play smart — Better follow your God Follow your Heart — Understand your part In the Circle of Life — I lay you down tonight You can be anything — Wonder what you might do Teach you what I know — Help you see the LightContinue reading “The Cycle — Meet Flow the DJ”