NBA January. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

It’s January in the NBA! The first two months of the NBA season were nothing short of spectacular. But the month of January made things even better than ever. With the new year starting, guys are looking to turn things up a notch. They understand that the season is winding down soon and it’s time […]

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Meet the Curator

Meet the Curator. Tape A. Interlude. — My War Cry — feat. Queen Naija, Kirk Franklin, Zora Neale Hurston, & Ralph Ellison w/ a lil’ bit of Nikki Giovanni, Kobe Bryant, Freud, Marx, Amiri Baraka, 2chainz, & alexandrajay

Welcome back to a special interlude episode of 101.5 Wilde thoughts exclusively here on Herstun FM Readio. Once again, welcome to my mind. Companion Tracks – War Cry – Queen Naija & Revolution by Kirk Franklin Another experiment in my fractured thought. I love music. A lot of things I write are wound up in […]

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