Mai Prom Stiles – The Tux & The Big Day

Part 3 and the epic ending of Mai Stiles prom debacle. Come read how she handles the stress of tux shopping, transportation, and teenage expectations.

Mai Stiles Takes on Prom — Pt 2. The Promposal

Layla. Smh. If you recall, we had quite a time getting the dress. Well, to add to the drama — She had her dress but no date. Which is fine, I wanted her night to be special and she certainly did not need a date in order for her to have a good time. AtContinue reading “Mai Stiles Takes on Prom — Pt 2. The Promposal”

Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends

I know. All this smiling and you would think that we have been this way forever. But this. This has been a journey. We have a timeline so to speak. So let me take you back. Year — 2007. Fashion trends — Thongs, fitted caps, and bubble coats. I didn’t need a bubble coat where IContinue reading “Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends”