Sunshine the Conservative — Freedom

Hello Again. Last time we met, I told you about my first marriage and my decision to enlist to the Army. When I finally returned from Army training nearly seven months after I left my precious son and my shitty husband, I felt strong inside and out. I was willing to give Brandon and ourContinue reading “Sunshine the Conservative — Freedom”

Finding My Peace — Verse 4 — Becoming Aamir Ali

Prayer ends with — Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah — to the left and right. [May Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you.] My peace is found in prayer…. On June 26, 2017, I was sitting in my car waiting to check-in for my appointment. Today, I will be receiving my first testosterone shot. So excited.Continue reading “Finding My Peace — Verse 4 — Becoming Aamir Ali”

Sunshine the Conservative — My First Marriage

Sunshine the Conservative Mom, meets ehr first love, a military man named Brandon. They marry quickly and she begins raising a family. But sunshine does not always come when you expect it.

Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends

I know. All this smiling and you would think that we have been this way forever. But this. This has been a journey. We have a timeline so to speak. So let me take you back. Year — 2007. Fashion trends — Thongs, fitted caps, and bubble coats. I didn’t need a bubble coat where IContinue reading “Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends”

Meet A. Paige — Opening the Book on Active Duty Spouse Life

Well hello there. I am A. Paige and a few titles I have the pleasure to hold: Wife to my best friend Sister Mommy to 2 gremlin-angels Daughter Sister to 2 gremlin-angels Bestie to my BOSS girl tribe And all around hot mess. Lol. But don’t judge me though. I heard Herstun was out hereContinue reading “Meet A. Paige — Opening the Book on Active Duty Spouse Life”