He Bleeds Football – Raising Athletes By Jasmine

Jordan was injured playing the sport he loved on the weekend of 9/26/2020. Right now he is in critical condition. We are currently raising money for his full recovery. Please take a moment and say a prayer for his amazing family or donate if you can. Welcome to another edition of #TalesFromTheATL and this timeContinue reading “He Bleeds Football – Raising Athletes By Jasmine”

19 Lessons 2019 Taught Me From the Queendom

The 19 Lessons of 2019 are brought to us by Herstun’s resident Queen. She is not with us often, but when she is, her content is some of the most popular on the site. Queen is a 30-something working mom, entrepreneur, & stylist living in Atlanta and raising five kids with her husband. Let’s seeContinue reading “19 Lessons 2019 Taught Me From the Queendom”

25 Things Learned By 26

A bitch is getting old y’all. Next month I will become a brand new 26-year-old. Here are 25 things I’ve learned since turning 25. Birthdays aren’t important between 22-29. It’s sometimes healthier to be demoted from a friend to associate. Fall is the detox season. Celebrate and cherish every errand ran without a baby onContinue reading “25 Things Learned By 26”

SHAME ON IT ALL. Explicit Language Warning. True Reflections on Mom Shaming.

Explicit Langauge Warning. This post is excellently written but does contain several expletives. If they make you queasy then beware. Herstun. “Do you really co sleep?” — Yes, it’s just as fulfilling as exhausting. “You’re not gonna make him eat?” — No, he’s clearly not hungry. “He’s only 1 with a tablet?” — Yes, he’sContinue reading “SHAME ON IT ALL. Explicit Language Warning. True Reflections on Mom Shaming.”

The Blended TRUTH

I know Will and Jada & Swiss and Alicia, have y’all thinking that being a blended family means that you are having Thanksgiving dinners together and traveling to exotic locations as a collective.  But unfortunately, that’s not the truth for most blended family situations. Don’t get me wrong that would be nice, but the truthContinue reading “The Blended TRUTH”

Meet A. Paige — Opening the Book on Active Duty Spouse Life

Well hello there. I am A. Paige and a few titles I have the pleasure to hold: Wife to my best friend Sister Mommy to 2 gremlin-angels Daughter Sister to 2 gremlin-angels Bestie to my BOSS girl tribe And all around hot mess. Lol. But don’t judge me though. I heard Herstun was out hereContinue reading “Meet A. Paige — Opening the Book on Active Duty Spouse Life”

The FEAR by Queen feat. Marcus the Visual

People ask me all the time why I am willing to drive my children across town to a school, that’s not in the “best neighborhood.” My response is both simple and complex. For one, the schools they are zoned to attended are not the best. Which would force us to have to put them inContinue reading “The FEAR by Queen feat. Marcus the Visual”

Y’all. These Kids Don’t Have JOBS.

So there’s this notion in motherhood that, your children are supposed to be better dressed than you as a mother. And that it’s ok if you walk around looking like a rag doll, as long as your children are well kept. You have minimal standards. You wear sweats, mini-you wears jeans. The world smiles on your mothering skills and ‘sacrifice’.

Mom Jeans? But Why.

I know mom jeans are making a comeback, but not with me. I’m not ready to pull out my Levi’s 550 just yet. Instead, I find myself in a strange space when it comes to fashion, especially as mom. Let me take you back. So my love for fashion really didn’t start until about middleContinue reading “Mom Jeans? But Why.”