Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends

I know. All this smiling and you would think that we have been this way forever. But this. This has been a journey. We have a timeline so to speak. So let me take you back. Year — 2007. Fashion trends — Thongs, fitted caps, and bubble coats. I didn’t need a bubble coat where IContinue reading “Mai Family Stiles — A Timeline — 2007 — Friends”

Y’all. These Kids Don’t Have JOBS.

So there’s this notion in motherhood that, your children are supposed to be better dressed than you as a mother. And that it’s ok if you walk around looking like a rag doll, as long as your children are well kept. You have minimal standards. You wear sweats, mini-you wears jeans. The world smiles on your mothering skills and ‘sacrifice’.

Mom Jeans? But Why.

I know mom jeans are making a comeback, but not with me. I’m not ready to pull out my Levi’s 550 just yet. Instead, I find myself in a strange space when it comes to fashion, especially as mom. Let me take you back. So my love for fashion really didn’t start until about middleContinue reading “Mom Jeans? But Why.”

T(M)omboy Chic.

Be sure to follow me @mai.stiles on Instagram because I post a lot of cool looks on my instastories but I will share my favorite weekly findings here! In fashion, trends come and go. Even the trends that go down burning in flames of hideousness, somehow make their way back again. Fashion is a bigContinue reading “T(M)omboy Chic.”