NBA February Recap w/ Nick Andre

NBA February and what a month it was for the league! After a tough January losing great legends in Kobe Bryant and David Stern, the teams and players were able to bring things back together in the locker room and continue to push for a playoff spot. Let’s see who has been on top ofContinue reading “NBA February Recap w/ Nick Andre”

NBA January. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre

It’s January in the NBA! The first two months of the NBA season were nothing short of spectacular. But the month of January made things even better than ever. With the new year starting, guys are looking to turn things up a notch. They understand that the season is winding down soon and it’s timeContinue reading “NBA January. Basketball Recap w/ Nick Andre”

LaMelo Ball. Journey to the NBA. By Nick Andre Feat SLAM Magazine

LaMelo Ball is the son of LaVar Ball, founder of Big Baller Brand and younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers point guard, Lonzo Ball. 17 years old. 6’5″. 165 lbs. LaMelo was going into his junior year of high school when his dad Lavar decided to pull his son due to differences between himself andContinue reading “LaMelo Ball. Journey to the NBA. By Nick Andre Feat SLAM Magazine”

Flashback Friday — The Isaiah Thomas Theory

Isaiah Thomas recently made his official return to the Boston Celtics floor since being traded almost two years ago. It was nothing but a bittersweet feeling when the Celtics gave Thomas a tribute video during the first quarter of the Celtics-Nuggets game. After the game, a reporter asked Thomas what would it be like ifContinue reading “Flashback Friday — The Isaiah Thomas Theory”

March Madness Takes — One Shining Moment — Who You Got?

… these picks are too simple for Young-n-Fly. They are all a bunch of young talent that just haven’t played long together, in my humble opinion…