I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni

I used to have a sister, although we’d never met. She used to tell me that I was beautiful, and made me promise not to forget. My sister was so cool, brown-skinned and sweet. The whole world loved my sister! They turned her name into a street. My sister was for the cause, and weContinue reading “I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni”

Protect Your Peace/Piece by Flow the DJ feat. Jeff Manning

Flow the DJ is back this #FlowFriday giving us some insight on the word love as it relates to peace. Jeff Manning is the perfect pair to the piece/peace this week because he has some of the best digital artwork on the scene and these of expressions of love seem to be so synonymous with the Digital Age.

Love, I Don’t Trust You By Jazzo feat. Patrick Dougher and Lauryn Hill

Each piece of Dougher’s work is paired with Jazzo’s poetic words. Jazzo defines love as a psychosis. A severe mental disorder in which thoughts and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality…

can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?

Hey loves! Welcome back. Thank you for showing love on my last article. I will be here every other Wednesday to give you some awesome reads (figuratively and literally 😀) about whatever pops into my mind and affects my feelings. Ooh Lord, all the feels. 🤣 But, on a serious note, I think it’s dopeContinue reading “can a sista have it all… you know, the fairytale?”

storytellin. soul searching. but who knew…not me. a poetic saga. part one. meet morgan.

The industry and the way it’s ran started to make me dislike my gift and began picking the passion in my heart for it away…