Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy

I want you, You know, minus the sexual innuendos… I’ve imagined meeting you before I knew you, Thought you were just a fantasy I created. Your thoughts… They excite me sapiosexually. Causing me to take flight prematurely. So, pardon me for running before experiencing what this can be. But you turn me on mentally. AndContinue reading “Sweet Melody By Nessla1 Feat Spëncer Brëëzy”

to whom it may concern by shesreelateable ft. aria del sole

to whom it may concern, you are worthy even when this world isn’t worth you. you are brilliant, even when you make asinine decisions. to whom it may concern, your worth isn’t determined by who wants to be a part of your life. your decisions are just that, YOURS! and your worth is determined byContinue reading “to whom it may concern by shesreelateable ft. aria del sole”

What Ever Happened to R&B? By Flo the DJ feat 50 Cent’s Instagram

What ever happened to R&B? Ginuwine would set the mood for you & me. What ever happened to the Misses & the Mister? Now I Gotta Listen To Them Degrade Ya’ Sista. Back in the daze music used to mean something. Nowadays they ain’t really saying nothing, but Got your hands on some change… NowContinue reading “What Ever Happened to R&B? By Flo the DJ feat 50 Cent’s Instagram”

Time Flies By Flow the Dj feat Mind of El

Relationships shouldn’t be crappy Don’t stay if you ain’t happy A broken home before you even a mama or pappy Hate when we make babies Who are just a product of complacency Plenty fish in the sea Don’t be afraid to leave If you don’t feel the vibe Don’t be afraid to ride Cause daysContinue reading “Time Flies By Flow the Dj feat Mind of El”

Django Jane — Janelle Monáe

Yeah, yeah this is my palace, champagne in my chalice.I got it all covered like a wedding bandWonderland, so my alias is Alice.1 [We gon’ start a motherfuckin’ pussy riot.Or we gon’ have to put ’em on a pussy diet.Look at that, I guarantee I got ’em quiet.Look at that, I guarantee they all inspired.]Continue reading “Django Jane — Janelle Monáe”

Rap Poetry

A lot of people aren’t huge fans of rap music for understandable reasons. The exuberant baselines and harsh vocals can be deterring for some. However, some of those same people would swear by the poetry of Robert Frost or Nikki Giovanni. For this series I will choose the rappers that have songs that remind meContinue reading “Rap Poetry”

Album Review — Dirty Computer — Janelle Monáe

Imagine being a historian in America circa 3012, searching through archives looking for some material on technology and love in music and you proverbially dust off Dirty Computer.

Music Matters

“I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein Songs are like photographs of melodic memories or rhythmic reminders of lessons learned. They can awaken peaceful recollections of salty waves beating white sands smooth; or generate the imaginary smell of hair burning on a hot comb, all within a 3 to 7 minute timeframe.Continue reading “Music Matters”

Poem — Endymion’s Fate (and R.Kelly’s too) — Éloa

My fingers were beaten grey and gold the same color of my bruises that you would prod at   You would feed them to me with spoonfuls of honeyed phrases they stung like a bee   I would get caught up in it My throat would stick closed   Eyes faintly drooped as if youContinue reading “Poem — Endymion’s Fate (and R.Kelly’s too) — Éloa”