An Attack On My Life By Lei Lei

Hey guys. We are back and featuring the writings of Lei. Things drop in my box randomly. Lei dropped this about a week ago and I can’t wait to see you at the end in the notes. It is a doozy and she is a queen. It takes courage to… Well, you will see whatContinue reading “An Attack On My Life By Lei Lei”

Fatal Attraction by Nessla1 feat. Gank Pansuay

And as I stood there, with my cheeks stricken with tears and lips swollen shut, I stared at the reflection of myself, no longer recognizing who I was. Not only was my lip split in half, but there also was a hole big enough to stick my tongue through. My eyes were filled with painContinue reading “Fatal Attraction by Nessla1 feat. Gank Pansuay”

The Blended TRUTH

I know Will and Jada & Swiss and Alicia, have y’all thinking that being a blended family means that you are having Thanksgiving dinners together and traveling to exotic locations as a collective.  But unfortunately, that’s not the truth for most blended family situations. Don’t get me wrong that would be nice, but the truthContinue reading “The Blended TRUTH”