I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni

I used to have a sister, although we’d never met. She used to tell me that I was beautiful, and made me promise not to forget. My sister was so cool, brown-skinned and sweet. The whole world loved my sister! They turned her name into a street. My sister was for the cause, and weContinue reading “I Used To Have A Sister… by Jazzo feat. Murjoni”

Mai Stiles Takes on Prom — Pt 2. The Promposal

Layla. Smh. If you recall, we had quite a time getting the dress. Well, to add to the drama — She had her dress but no date. Which is fine, I wanted her night to be special and she certainly did not need a date in order for her to have a good time. AtContinue reading “Mai Stiles Takes on Prom — Pt 2. The Promposal”

In The Beginning — I Did Not Know. — Verse 1 — Becoming Aamir feat. Julia S. Powell Art

Continued from Episode 1 — In the Beginning, i was a girl Who am I ? What am I? Damaged. IF You believe you are dirt. THEN You believe you deserve to be treated like dirt. You do stupid shit when you don’t believe in yourself. I wanted to feel loved, accepted, valued, beautiful. IContinue reading “In The Beginning — I Did Not Know. — Verse 1 — Becoming Aamir feat. Julia S. Powell Art”

Get to Know Nick André

If I don’t find a way to motivate others then I will feel like I failed in life. — From sports articles to stories and poems. –My goal is to continue to inspire and to help people seek ways to overcome their obstacles. #LetsGrow

Meet the Curator — W. D. Herstun, the W is Wild.

I am W. D. Herstun. The owner and curator of the site that is coming together before your eyes. It is an interesting place to join the journey. So. I’ll try to start you somewhere closer to the beginning.

R.I.P to R.I.P.

It’s so cliché nowadays to hear someone say R.I.P. to whomever or Long Live whomever –– That’s sad more than it is anything. We hear it so often that it’s almost second nature to us now, just as well as it is to make a t-shirt in memory of them. I’m not talking about peopleContinue reading “R.I.P to R.I.P.”

In The Beginning — I Was A Girl — Becoming Aamir Ali. The Pre-Verse.

Sometimes I would wonder — What it would feel like to be free? — Free from worry, free from hurt, free of the person I see in the mirror.

Meet the Queen

Who am I? If you didn’t read that in the Petey Pablo “Raise Up” voice, then we are not the same. No, but seriously — Who am I? I am the Queen. (Ask my kids, they’ll tell ya! 😂) I am a 30-year old mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I have been married toContinue reading “Meet the Queen”

T(M)omboy Chic.

Be sure to follow me @mai.stiles on Instagram because I post a lot of cool looks on my instastories but I will share my favorite weekly findings here! In fashion, trends come and go. Even the trends that go down burning in flames of hideousness, somehow make their way back again. Fashion is a bigContinue reading “T(M)omboy Chic.”