The Album Review

I think the albums will be the toughest to review. Music is so taste-oriented. No plot or character development to analyze, or misguided seasoning to point out. It’s really up to whether or not my ears enjoy the album or the message.

Things to know about me: I have no longterm formal music training. I played violin for a few years in childhood and I can read music very well thanks to an exceptional elementary music teacher. However, I have never spent one moment in the production of music, nor can I sing or play any instruments now.

None of those facts stops me from enjoying a wide variety of music. I listen to most of it. My biggest no-no’s are heavy metal and deep house. I can’t handle them unless I’ve been appopriately plied with alcohol and pain relievers. 😂

All my reviews will be on entire albums from start to finish. I will listen to them at least twice before I rate them barring unusual circumstance. I hope to list my favorite tracks from the best albums and maybe at the end of the year I can do my own version of a review. BET & MTV certainly leave a lot to be wanted musically nowadays.

The Herstun Scale

1 — Don’t listen to this album. I barely made it through 3-4 songs without struggling. The hype surrounding this artist’s efforts was overdone. The production and the lyrics were wack.

3 — This was a decent LP. I will probably return to it for a few songs in the future. There isn’t any disappointment, but certainly nothing mindblowing or thoughtprovoking. Either the lyrics was lit or the production was popping, probably not all of the above.

5 — Have you heard it yet? Ding, ding, ding. This artist put together a project worthy of listening. When you have an airplane ride, or a car trip, take the time to look it up and I don’t think you will disappointed. I was impressed with the lyrics and the production or some combination of both. I’m still listening as I rate it.