The Book Review

I have to admit, now that I’m so connected to Goodreads, I usually notice the number of stars before I choose a book. I love rating books because people that don’t have time to search for good reads can get straight to the point.

As a book lover, I hate selecting books based on ratings. I miss the days of wandering my library or bookstore and selecting books based on cover art or write-up, maybe even book summary in the computer catalog. I am also critical of crowd rating books. I think there is value in one solid opinion on the book.

I try to read the top assenting opinion and the top dissenting opinion in the reviews. Usually, I give up and just grab a solid, preknown Quickie author. Amazingly, Goodreads makes me more anxious than being literally surrounded by hundreds of thousands of title choices in a library setting.

Hopefully, the Herstun Scale can save some anxiety, provide others with book suggestions, and keep my own reading sanity in better order.

The Herstun Scale!

1 — If a book recieves a 1 then I made it at least 75% of the way through and it was not worth the effort. For example, I recently attempted to make it through a Kindle Unlimited title and finally had to just end the torture. I would have given it a 1. I spent enough time reading it to warrant a rating, and the author got through enough of the plot.

3 — The Library is a great place to find books. The downside is that you never know what will be available. Most libraries stock according to what their population demands to meet budget restrictions. Books scored 3 are good finds in any library. I would recommend renting, borrowing, or buying on clearance. For me these are great in e-book version.

5 — Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! Ding, ding, ding. This book was wither fun and easy or challenging and thorough, either way I freaking loved it. I can’t guarantee that you will love it too but I absolutely recommend looking into the title more. It could change the way you look at things.