The Herstun Scale

I have a wide range of interests. In America today, that can be hard to do when considering long work weeks draining time and hobbies being expensive. I am in a house of introverts and our passtimes have developed around that. My partner loves to spend weekends consumed in film and virtual realities. I prefer to read, listen to music, or try challenging new recipes.

My little family loves to enjoy life on a budget so I derived the Herstun Scale around those principles. These scales are about some of my favorite pasttimes worth your money or time to indulge in– Just in case you decide to dabble. 😉

The Herstun Scale will be from 1 to 5. I have already done a few recipe reviews and they can be found in the older posts on the Blog.

Book and Album Reviews are newer for me but I’m super excited about expanding because nothing is better than eating a belly of good food, relaxing to some good music, and reading someting life changing. In my world, that type of peace is as valuable as breath. It will be cool to record my passions in this format; it satisfies my brain’s desire to catalog and produce. 🤓

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The Recipe Review — Read the nitty gritty about home cook life here.
The Album Review — Newest to the process. Read more about my love of music here.